20 Times People Used Their Inner Compass to Get Unstuck

3 years ago

If after finishing college you decided to work in a totally different field (and this decision came from your heart), maybe your inner compass showed you the right way. We don’t have to make such big choices every day, but when we do they can make our life radically different.

We at Bright Side love positive changes and would like to share the stories of 20 people with you who managed to find the right way.

1. “I think after graduating college I got a grasp on life. It’s never too late to find yourself and learn something new.”

2. “I proposed to my best friend, not knowing she was planning on doing the same. She did it anyway.”

3. “I had a close call with death and decided to make a change.”

4. “I decided to lose weight when I got accepted to PA school because I didn’t want to be hypocritical to my patients about needing to lose weight.”

5. “My husband and I do rescue. You can change a life, and you can see it in their eyes.”

6. “7 homeless guys in my country got a new chance and job. They aren’t just hanging around the train station anymore. They’ve become baggagemen.”

7. “My dad changed his life around at 70 years old.”

8. “Before and after my weight loss”

9. “It’s been 6 months since my life changed completely. I’m feeling happy. We have only one life to enjoy.”

10. “8 years ago I decided to turn my life around for the better.”

11. “In 2014, I weighed 206 lbs and felt like crap all the time. I decided I needed to turn my life around...”

12. “New job, new ID”

13. “400 lbs to 187 lbs — new life, new year”

14. “I’m 30 and I set a goal of being a first-time homeowner before the year ended!”

15. “I did it! After 7 years!”

16. “My journey has always had one goal in mind: a better life for these 2. Do what’s best for you, just don’t stop.”

17. “My friend and I decided that the time was right to get serious, him for his newborn daughter, me for my dating life. One year apart.”

18. “For everyone who has suffered from an eating disorder. Everything is possible. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

19. “The girl on the left never could have dreamed of the life she has now.”

20. “I started a new job this week and I was determined to own being non-binary right from the outset.”

What was the biggest decision you made that changed your life for the better? Do you have before and after pics of yourself? Please, share them with us!

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awesome doctor though. So many of them tell us to be healthy while they don't follow their own tips at all


every big city might implement this practice with homeless people and provide simple jobs like this for them. This could make the world a better place, really


My goal for this year is to attend a technical university in my city. I hope I will get accepted! 😊


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