20 Times We Had to Look Closely to Realize It Was All Just an Illusion

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Optical illusions have been around forever. Understanding how they worked, ancient Greeks even used them in their architecture and art. And though such illusions are quite puzzling and bewildering at times, we are glad to play with our minds and senses in this safe and entertaining way.

1. “Skewered cat”

2. “A man blowing fire from his mouth”

3. “Tiny sunglasses inspector hard at work”

4. “Just a normal day”

5. “My confused brother-in-law”

6. “This dog buried in snow”

7. “My Boston loves sitting on her wrists.”

8. “These 2 tawny frogmouths trying to blend in with the bark on the tree”

9. “The biggest bug I’ve ever seen”

10. “Confusing Disney World”

11. “I think my daughter napped for too long.”

12. “The red Tuck Tape used to connect the sections of our new heat vent makes it look like a pink neon portal.”

13. “Where’s his hand?”

14. “A combination of 4 layered images from a trail camera showing sizes of different animals that walked by the same spot within 14 hours.”

15. “He’s demanding from the moment I get home.”

16. Trying to blend in

17. “I am a biped.”

18. “My mother, her best friend, and some phantom limbs”

19. “Transporting 1 dog and 1 miniature human”

20. “A very flexible baby”

Did any objects ever trick your mind in real life? Did you notice any optical illusions in the photos you took? Please share them with us!


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