20 Unpopular Opinions About Movies That Many People Don’t Agree With

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Sometimes even the most rated and most popular movies make mistakes or contain scenes that, in the eyes of some movie fanatics, do not hold their place. Generally speaking, we will all find fault with something even if it is perfect for others. Take a look at unpopular movie opinions and see if you agree with any of them.

  • «Marvel movies feel sterile. same story arc, the same mood, same b-roll music. The worst thing is, I leave the movie theater and don’t have anything to discuss. Take Dr. Strange; a typical story arc, throw in some Marvel jokes, mix in some forgettable music and you have the final product. Even the visual effects felt boring because it was a spectacle for the sake of spectacle. The alternate realities seemed more like random noise than anything meaningful.» kotor610 / Reddit
  • «Movies with non-stop action are boring. Action scenes should be used to punctuate the bigger story of the movie, they shouldn’t be a substitute for story.»
    AreWeCowabunga / Reddit
  • «The Village was wrongly advertised as a horror film when it is a great romance and has lofty ideas of the power of love and loss of love. It just also has elements of a good monster story.» GECollins / Reddit
  • «Franchise movies are bad. The longer something goes on the more ridiculous it becomes.» DoctorDeath / Reddit
  • «I always say Interstellar has a bad premise and people don’t like to hear it. The VFX is great, the musical score is great, the science is accurate, and the acting is good. But the entire plot derives from this hyper-top-secret NASA organization (that allows civilian children to freely come and go). With ultra-scarce resources and no second chances left, they put humanity’s last hopes on a plan based on deception and lies (no return trip home! hence the bravery!!) which GREATLY jeopardizes the mission’s risk of failure. I was bothered by this and believe the same story could have been told without making NASA be a bunch of cartoon villains with ill-conceived plans, operating in an impossibly secretive manner with a silly loose justification.» McBurger / Reddit
  • In The Shawshank Redemption, the final scene where they reunite on the beach is completely unnecessary. The whole movie was about hope against the odds. It should have ended with Red traveling on the bus with hope in his heart — A free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope. End of the movie. Scallywagstv2 / Reddit
  • «I like spoilers and I want to know about them. I do not like going into a show blindly, I want to know now what happens so I can decide if I want to see it or not. I don’t want to waste my time guessing and possibly being wrong.» llcucf80 / Reddit
  • «Transformers movies would be good if they properly developed the plot threads instead of them just being a trainwreck of fight scenes and half-baked ideas (except Bumblebee). So many interesting science fiction ideas that are relevant to our current world. Also, cut back on the vulgar humor.» NineteenSkylines / Reddit
  • «The Fanatic is one of the lowest-rated movies I’ve seen, and still in my top 10 favorites. It was directed by Fred Durst and stars John Travolta in one of the weirdest and most compelling roles I’ve watched since The Machinist. It’s far from perfect, but it was a real trip and kept me fully entertained and on the edge of my seat for damn near every second.» SpaceCowboy58 / Reddit
  • «Deadpool is not Ryan Reynolds’s best movie, and it has, unfortunately, locked a skilled and wide-ranging actor into a career as the shallow, snarky guy, which is a shame. Watch Safe House or any of his pre-DP romcoms.» Casual-Notice / Reddit
  • «I’ve said this before on this sub, but I enjoy Your Highness despite it being poorly received by virtually everyone. I like some of the humor (even though some of it is admittedly too childish and crude for me to laugh at), and the characters. but mostly the adventure and action. There is a character arc for the main protagonist as he’s a bit of a twat at the start and hates his brother, but becomes more likable and respect is earned by the end to and from his brother. And it’s just a fun adventure with some pretty decent action and special effects. Oh and James Franco plays his role perfectly. He’s meant to be corny and over the top, and he is.» wisperingdeth / Reddit
  • «My usual go-to unpopular movie opinion is that Interstellar isn’t that good of a movie. The visuals are amazing, acting is superb, but the story just wasn’t interesting to me. It honestly felt like a movie where the sole focus was the visuals and the trippy-ness of space with the story not being that important.» L_E_F_T_ / Reddit
  • «Hugh Jackman wasn’t perfect casting for The Wolverine. More actors could have done an equally amazing job. What he did have, and bring to the role is charisma, both in movies and out. That went a long way to help popularize him and make the movies successful, but looking at just his in-movie performance, he wasn’t such an amazing pick unlike Heath Ledger or even RDJ.» Moanguspickard / Reddit
  • «The Dark Knight wasn’t that good and the only reason people think it was really good is because of Heath Ledger’s death.» JCreazy / Reddit
  • «Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy a movie because you like the actor, even if the script is bad.» sunshinecl / Reddit

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