20+ Witty People Who Are Able to Laugh at Their Past Selves

3 years ago

We all probably have photos in our old photo albums that make us feel a little bit embarrassed, or some of our childhood memories may have been turned into funny stories we can tell at a family reunion. But every photo or story from the past is a part of us. That’s why some internet users shared this “compromising material” with the public and won some well-deserved popularity.

We at Bright Side believe that a healthy share of laughter at oneself has never hurt anybody when it comes to memories, and we admire the characters of our article who’ve introduced us to their childhood selves.

“Modern 5-year-old girls look like porcelain dolls. When I was 5, I looked like the grumpy boss of some company.”

“My first day in the first grade. I was ABSOLUTELY NOT DELIGHTED BY IT.”

“You didn’t expect that, right?”

“Me and my Looney Tunes tie in 1996”

So that’s why some sequels in our childhood didn’t appear until years later.

“I cut my own hair, circa 2007.”

“It was ‘Opposite Day’ at my school in 2005. I was the only guy who decided to dress like a girl.”

“My friend (on the left) had just cut my hair like that. Good old times.”

When your whole life felt like a cool spy movie.

“At that time, I was obsessed with frogs and lizards.”

There were times when the best toys weren’t bought in a shop.

“When I was in the 8th grade, I thought I was dressed very-very cool for a concert I attended.”

Some kids are just great actors.

“I thought it would be cool to bring my guitar to my senior photoshoot. It wasn’t.”

“My husband and I almost 20 years ago, around the time we met”

It seems like they had their own romantic show there.

“My mom and I looking effortlessly cool in the mid-’90s”

"No tattoos? No worries! Just draw some on!"— 15-year-old me thought I was very cool."

“My mom let me dye my hair when I was 14 after a lot of begging. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Looking back, I’m not sure why.”

“My mom when she won the pie-eating contest”

“My dad and his friends after sleeping on the school’s roof during summer break.”

“My grandma in her youth.”

If you have similar photos in old photo albums, it’s time to brush the dust off of them, take a picture, and show it to us.

Preview photo credit SoniaAlSowaiegh / Twitter


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