20 Women Who Refused to Conform to Standards, and Stopped Dying Their Silver Hair

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4 years ago

Many of us are still not used to seeing grey hair on our, or someone else’s, head and we felt sad and awkward when we saw our first grey hair in the mirror. Young girls and older women are giving up on using hair dye and telling their stories to inspire and cheer up the people who are already dealing with this natural aging process. Grey hair is inevitable, so isn’t it better to just accept ourselves the way we are?

We at Bright Side believe that women can be beautiful at any age, with any hair color. And the women who are already brave enough to love themselves the way they are deserve our admiration.

“I was never ashamed that I started to get grey hair at an early age. This is why I stopped dying my hair 9 years ago. The beauty standards change but the beauty remains the same.”

I’m happy that today, there are more and more women that don’t want to limit themselves with standards. They create their own vision of beauty. My colleague Karen and I organized our own group, called Silver Sisters International, in order to unite everyone that wants to stop using hair dye and have grey hair. And in July 2020, we’re going to have a conference #silverCon. © Marina Garcia-Trevijano

“A woman came up to me at a restaurant yesterday evening and told me that my example inspired her to grow out her silver hair too.”

“I get so excited to see women embrace their grey hair! I see it as a silver medal of honor!”

“I’m extremely happy that more and more women are disagreeing with beauty standards and accepting their natural beauty.”

“Today I love my grey hair. The color doesn’t make me look old. I can choose any color, but grey is my absolute favorite.”

“No matter what you do, someone will always talk about you. Someone will always question your judgment. So just acknowledge that, and make the choices you deeply feel are the right ones for you.”

“Yes! I’m grey and I’m happy!”

“Let me say it one more time for the people in the back... Grey is a COLOR, not a NUMBER.”

“Mother Nature knows what she is doing.”

“With every inch that my hair got lighter, I felt as if I got lighter on the inside.”

“For far too long, there were rules about how women should age. Now, these rules are changing.”

“Grey hair? Don’t care.”

“I took me a long time to start loving my hair. It is thin and a bit wavy, but I love every single lock.”

“Giving up on using hair dye is my choice. But if you give yourself a chance to love yourself, your world will change.”

“I would look great with dark hair but I love my appearance now, too.”

“Break the rules!”

“I feel free, confident, and real after I crossed the line fear of silver hair. Here, on the other side, it feels great.”

“I’m slowly starting to fall in love with the girl in the mirror. It took her several months to get back to her natural beauty.”

“I’ve enjoyed the amazing journey on the trip my hair is on back to its natural color.”

“Day by day, I can see that there is more and more silver hair on my head. And I hope to inspire someone to grow and love themselves.”

What is your attitude toward grey hair? Do you think you could go for this experiment?

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I forgot how normal to have grey hair in my community that it takes these women to stop dyeing and refuse standard beauty to do so.


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