21 Amazing Photos That Seem Fake but Are Actually Real

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Photoshop is a powerful tool that can transform and alter any object or person. However, there is one tool that can do much more, that no human could even think of. This tool is none other than mother nature which, according to a quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan, can “make fun of the power of man at any time.” Sometimes, people cooperate with nature and create something that is extraordinary without going against it.

Bright Side collected 21 magnificent images that may look fake to most people who look at them, but they are actually very real and not enhanced at all.

1. When a hurricane destroys everything that’s standing up:

2. The wire art of Benedict Radcliffe

3. That’s a pretty big meal over there.

4. Lake Abraham in Canada during winter time

5. This ad is a part of a Greenpeace campaign in Russia to oppose drilling.

6. She Ping having 460,000 bees attached to his body

7. The incredibly realistic sculptures of Ron Mueck

8. The Arcus cloud dust storm in Australia

9. The floating faucet sculpture

10. This sinkhole that appeared in Guatemala in 2010

11. The extreme power of makeup

12. A cruise ship that’s so big it looks like it’s cruising on land.

13. 2 Chinese fishermen making their way through a river filled with algae

14. A tornado and a rainbow appear at the same time in Kansas.

15. The lion’s mane jellyfish

16. An Arcus cloud passing over the street

17. The hyperrealistic work of Georges Rousse

18. This mirrored wooden shelter in the California High Desert

19. Goats: creatures with the best balance in the world.

20. The purple flowers of Takinoue Park in Japan

21. Smaller and smaller steps until becoming a point

Can you believe that these images were not photoshopped at all or do you still think that there was something done to make them look this extraordinary? Please tell us what you think down in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Malgoyadooya / imgur


Number 12. The cruise ship is a fucking hotel.
Number 15. lion’s mane jellyfish are real but that picture has been proven to be fake.

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