21 Kids Who Know What It’s Like to Be Strong

4 years ago

Children have big hearts and their willpower is made of steel. So they are the biggest inspiration when it comes to making the right decisions and turning the world into a better place. They have enough enthusiasm and ambitions to do it all, starting from raising money for charity, to winning their own personal battles. And it seems like nothing can stand in their way!

We at Bright Side were amazed by children’s strength at such a young age and believe that we have a lot to learn from them.

1. “My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son.”

2. “It’s been a long 3 and a half years, but my son is finally cancer-free today!”

3. A Filipino boy protects a cat, who is giving birth during a typhoon, with a plastic sheet.

4. “My daughter shaved her head to raise money for cancer. The hair will be made into a wig for someone who is having chemo.”

5. “My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local shelter for animals.”

6. “My son started his life early, at 29 weeks. Today is his 5th birthday. We were told he wouldn’t make it this far.”

7. My son is 16 and he lost half his body weight in 52 weeks!

8. “After a year of competitions, tournaments, and straight losses, my 9-year-old daughter finally got her hand raised!”

9. “My son was diagnosed with Autism and was completely nonverbal. He can name up to 45 different superheroes now!”

10. “My daughter set up for her first public show. All sales will benefit our local charity clinic.”

11. “Took my daughter to the shelter to get her first cat. She chose this 14-year-old beauty.”

12. “My daughter earning her medal for 1,000 books before kindergarten. She’s been through more books in her life than I have.”

13. “My daughter received a donated unicorn while at the Children’s Hospital. Now she has collected all these this Christmas to give back.”

14. “My daughter won a medal at the Special Olympics. There was a time when doctors told us she wouldn’t survive infancy.”

15. “My oldest daughter asked if we could volunteer at a local animal shelter each weekend this summer. Not a bad idea!”

16. “After his father and I went through a nasty divorce, our son suffered from depression. This is him at his first independent week camp, 7 hours away from home.”

17. “I love this photo of Moana teaching my daughter to be strong!”

18. “My 6-year-old daughter cut off over 13 inches of her hair to donate!”

19. “My daughter’s first time standing in over 4 years”

20. “A year ago today, my daughter had open-heart surgery. This is her a year later.”

21. “My friend’s son has a brittle bone disease. Today he wanted to give something back to the charities who have helped him live.”

Do you know any kids who are stronger than some adults? We’d love to read your stories in the comments.

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1st one is so funny haha, really got me in the mood for this article


I love reading about people adopting animals from the shelter, I wanna do the same but my parents don't let me have a pet


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