21 Ordinary Animals That Nature Made One-of-a-Kind

4 years ago

Our world is full of color and it seems that nature is an instinctual artist. It has fun with these colors, for example it sometimes paints extraordinary patterns onto an ordinary house cat. According to research color evolution can happen for many reasons, like to help an animal “advertise” a special service it provides, to help them hide from the view of a predator, or even to signal their sexual status.

Bright Side found 21 pictures that prove nature’s creativity. It’s really hard to pick your favorite because they all are unbelievable.

1. Heart-face

2. So small, but already has a mustache

3. He definitely has a big heart.

4. Nature is amazing. They look like brothers.

5. Tiger-dog

6. She is so glamorous.

7. Every girl should be jealous of this hair.

8. I wuv you.

9. You won’t be able to forget these eyes.

10. One cat, 9 lives, 4 ears

11. Gorgeous creature

12. I could look into these eyes forever.

13. Pink moth

14. Stunning...

15. The beauty here is endless.

16. Kind soul but devil eyes

17. I have a feeling that he can read my mind.

18. An African Bush Viper: it’s pretty but venomous.

19. Extraordinary pattern

20. He is completely black. Even his eyes...

21. Star-face

The planet is full of surprises and sometimes you just have to open your eyes. Maybe your own pet is also one-of-a-kind. Leave a comment if you were lucky enough to have an animal with an extraordinary pattern.


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A pink frog? I would love to have it! Does anyone have a favorite one?


I am truly jealous of that horses hair .. its soo beautiful


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