18 Times Animals Were Highlighted With a Unique Feature

3 years ago

Extra toes, 4 ears, or gray fur — animals can amaze us with unpredictable features. It makes them look outstanding and proves that nature can break its patterns to make the world even more marvelous.

We at Bright Side adore animals and would like to share some of their unique features that you may find charming.

1. “Eggleston has some extra toes.”

2. “This is Dirt. His coloration makes him look like a dirty boy, but we still love him.”

3. “The good girl is now cookies and cream. A 1.5-year difference!”

4. “My boy’s right eye darkens each day, while his left eye loses its pigment.”

5. “This my new puppy, Sanoi! She’s about 14 weeks old and can’t figure out what to do with her ears.”

6. “My dog’s Achilles is translucent in the sun.”

7. “Frankie was born with 4 ears and an eye deformity, but he’s still perfect.”

8. “This is Milo, he has 2 noses.”

9. “My cat has a heart paw.”

10. “My dog’s marking resembles an elephant.”

11. “My dog has a spot that’s a near-perfect circle.”

12. “Having a cat with no teeth makes for the funniest play biting!”

13. This dog I met with a single eyebrow"

14. “This old cat only has gray ears.”

15. “My dog, Basil, has one perfect blue/green split eye.”

16. “My apple-bottomed girl”

17. “My sister’s puppy has a unique fur pattern that makes it look like she has glasses.”

18. “Her pattern finally came through!”

What unique feature does your pet have? Please share pics of your pets with us!


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My Best Friend is truly our HERO she even has grown her hair on her chest to look EXACTLY like BATMAN perfectly !!!

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