17 Buildings That Show Us We Already Live in the Future

2 years ago

When we watch movies and TV shows portraying the future, we are bombarded with glorious structures and futuristic technology that make our eyes pop. If you take a look at the modern constructions that exists today, you can get a feeling of this amazing future.

To prove that, Bright Side prepared this list of buildings that give the impression that we’re living in the year 3000.

1. Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria

2. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

3. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

4. VIA 57 West, New York City, United States

5. The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

6. Galaxy Soho Building, Beijing, China

7. Ordos Museum, Inner Mongolia, China

8. Absolute World Towers, Toronto, Canada

9. Al Bahar Towers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

10. Reflections at Keppel Bay, Singapore

11. The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

12. Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

13. Pixel Building, Melbourne, Australia

14. CopenHill, Copenhagen, Denmark

15. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

16. Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

17. Ilinden, Kruševo, North Macedonia

If you could pick one of these places to visit, where would you choose? Why? We would love to read it in the comments!


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If you could pick one of these places to visit, where would you choose? Why? All of them because it's very beautiful


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