21 People Who Are Living Out Their Best Day Ever

3 years ago

Every day is someone’s best day. From getting the puppy you’ve always wanted to finally beating cancer, there are some things in life that you’ll remember forever. Millions of babies are born every day, and this occasion alone brings so much joy into the world that you could drown in happiness. And there are also weddings, meetings, and dreams coming true all the time.

Some users told us stories about their best days, and here at Bright Side we couldn’t help but share them with you. Let’s say congratulations to the heroes of this compilation.

1. The proposal

2. “My husband on the happiest day of his life”

3. “My girlfriend is overwhelmed with love for her first kitten.”

4. “My father right after marrying my mother”

5. “Puppy’s first time at the beach and he couldn’t stop smiling!”

6. “My parents took my nephew to Disney World and they were afraid he’d get bored with all the princesses.”

7. “All the nurses came in, sang to my mom, and gave her a cake for her last day of chemo treatment. She is now cancer-free!”

8. “I reunited with my sister tonight after she ran away from home in 2005.”

9. “Our first family photo after fighting infertility for a few years”

10. “A doctor hugging his patient (whose life he saved) just after she gave a speech thanking him”

11. “My best friend is officially cancer-free from today onward! For 6 months she has been fighting cancer at age 16. I’m so proud of her!”

12. “My dad got married today. His eightieth birthday is tomorrow.”

13. “I was told I’d never have kids. Here’s my miracle son, Henry. I’m 42 and so blessed.”

14. “This is my son, and there has never been anyone as happy as he is about falling leaves.”

15. “I took this pic right before my friend proposed to his girlfriend in Harlem, NYC.”

16. “Not married, nor engaged, nor expecting a thing...just happy with this goofball.”

17. “I reunited with my sister 20 years after being adopted into 2 different families.”

18. “My wife became a citizen today!”

19. “Getting a PlayStation 2 for my ninth birthday back in 2001”

20. “I got an apartment after a year of living in a truck.”

21. “My daughter .1 seconds after trying corn for the first time”

What was your most memorable day? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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