21 People Who Just Wanted to Change Their Shoes a Bit but Were Amazed by the Result

2 years ago

The people from this article know that old shoes can be turned into something really unique that no one else has. For them, turning ordinary flats into a pair of wedding shoes is extremely easy.

We at Bright Side noticed that creative people use shoes to express themselves. And we can simply enjoy the beautiful results.

“I made shoes! The print is also done by me.”

“Completed my wedding shoes!”

“I like to paint shoes and these are my most recent ones, The Powerpuff Girls!”

“Glued some extra lace to an old pair of H&M flats. Practically free shoes!”

“Daisiy-embroidered shoes”

“My girlfriend loves Adventure Time, and I made these shoes just for her.”

“Old shoes + shoe clip = bridal?”

“I made Betty and Veronica shoes. They started out as a scuffed, dull brown thrift find for $3.”

“Embroidered shoes! Pliers were needed to pull out the needle at times, but it was worth the hassle.”

“I ordered a pair of shoes off the Internet, painted the bottoms, and went crazy with the crystals. They look so cool!”

“Made my shoes for Halloween! Black heels, craft glue, and glitter!”

“Gave some old shoes new life.”

A sneaker transformation

“Dancing shoes for my wedding! I still have to clean the pencil marks and shoe dye off the white walls, but these were plain white shoes to start.”

“I made these galaxy shoes! A while ago I found a pair of beautiful shoes in a charity bazaar but didn’t like the color of them, so I decided to paint everything with fabric paint, and I loved the result.”

“My fingers hurt a lot, but I managed to create a small motif on my old pointe shoes!”

“I alter shoes to make them look like ice cream sundaes.”

“Added some beads.”

“Updated my shoes with some extra lace and white nail polish to make them a little more bridal!”

“Decided to do up these shoes I’d never wear otherwise. I think they turned out okay!”

“I painted over my boring beige shoes.”

What do you like more — buying cool, new clothes or doing something to improve items yourself?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit turtleduck246 / Reddit


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