21 Relatable Moments When You Realize That Some People Must Have Grown Up in the Wild

2 years ago

To our bitter disappointment, there are a vast number of people around us who show minimal respect for the rules of civilized society. These are the people that shamelessly spread out and take up multiple seats on public transport, scatter popcorn around movie theaters, or play cruel jokes on their friends and colleagues.

Bright Side has found 21 people who should seriously consider changing their behavior, or else the only solution would be for them to be sent into the wild.

How hard can it be to put something back if you’ve changed your mind about it?

I let someone use my favorite pencil and this is what I was given back.

I don’t think people who park like this should be part of human society.

This guy’s not thinking about the other tired passengers at all.

I hate when people lean on the handrail, pretending that my hand isn’t there.

This guy on the subway is eating pistachio nuts and doesn’t care about properly getting rid of the shells.

How hard is to put everything back in the box after playing?

Why does everyone around have to listen to this guy’s music?

People who are too lazy to make one step to the trash can should not be living on this planet.

And neither should those who put their gum anywhere but the trash can.

Or worse, stick it onto something.

And think this is fine.

Stretching your legs into the next row seems to be some kind of a trend.

It’s a pity that some men still haven’t learned how to use a toilet.

This woman was throwing her shells on the floor, saying that cleaners get paid to pick them up anyways.

And the people who were sitting here are no better than that woman.

Some people seem to forget that their long hair can get in the way.

The people on the sides don’t care about the middle passenger’s comfort.

Here’s how my roommate plugs in his laptop. How can I treat him well after that?

This sight near a supermarket shows that people are just way too lazy to put the cart back where they took it from.

Personal space? Never heard of it.

Have you come across people who have completely forgotten the rules of etiquette?


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