19 Shots That Capture the Essence of the Word “Wow!”

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Nature is the very reason why spectacular phenomena appear around the world and it simply blows our minds. It could be extreme cold or some other intriguing natural factor that enables the world to never stop amazing us. Luckily everybody has a camera to capture the memories of these remarkable sights.

Bright Side dug up and found some breathtaking photos that will make everyone open their mouth in amazement.

1. A mountain casting a shadow

2. A cloud that cuts the sky in half

3. A “tree” formed due the path of the water on this stone.

4. A floating cat

5. Winter in Chicago in 2019

6. Frozen Niagara Falls

7. A 4-legged tree

8. An icicle shaped like a leaf

9. A pink grasshopper

10. A rainbow wrasse caught at Christmas Island

11. Turnip Rock turned itself into a small island.

12. Getting behind the lens for a change.

13. A tree with a face

14. Nature arranged these leaves just perfect.

15. 2 stunning blue-streaked lorys

16. A perfectly circular stone

17. Europe and Asia formed from these soda bubbles.

18. This giant quartz that was found in Arkansas is worth $4 million.

19. Trees must be nature’s favorite toy to play with.

Which one of the photos above made you go “wow” in less than a second? Please, pick your favorite and leave it down in the comment section.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


number 12 looks so unrealistic, wow! Feels like this fish just swam in the bucket of paint!

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