21 Sobering Photos That Show Humanity Has Reached the Peak of Its Indifference

4 years ago

About 100,000 marine creatures die annually because they get entangled in plastic debris, according to statistics. And that’s not the only deathly way plastic affects animals. Unfortunately, humankind has gone too far in not caring about the environment, as well as the consequences of its deeds. And the photos in our article are just one more piece of evidence.

Bright Side believes that we should reconsider the way we treat nature and hope that these pictures will ignite a little change toward nature’s good times.

1. Hermit crab using a small plastic soccer ball as a shell.

2. Dozens of endangered storks standing on huge piles of trash that were dumped in their natural habitat.

3. A monk seal playing with a plastic bottle on a beach full of trash

4. People cross a makeshift bridge over a sewage canal in Danapur, India. There are kids playing next to it too.

5. A black bear carrying a garbage bag, Canada

6. South Korean military conscripts wear face masks to protect themselves against a wave of fine dust on January 14, 2019.

7. A man collects plastic and other recyclable material from the shores of the Arabian Sea.

8. Pakistani mothers walk with their children toward school alongside a road amid heavy fog and smog conditions in Lahore on January 17, 2019.

9. Indonesian boys get items from a polluted river in Bojongsoang.

10. Goldfish and turtles are sold in plastic bags in Vietnam.

11. One of the most heavily polluted areas in Nairobi

12. A family wearing face-masks crosses a road during heavily polluted weather in Seoul on March 5, 2019.

13. Light pollution has become one of the main problems of the 21st century.

14. A campaign created by Greenpeace asks small and large businesses to rethink the way they use plastic straws.

15. A sea lion with a piece of fishing net around its neck

16. A Chinese couple wearing face masks because of air pollution takes a selfie in Tiananmen Square during heavy smog in Beijing, China.

17. Kids hunting frogs in polluted waters, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18. A boy looking out from a window of a house beside a garbage-filled creek in Manila

19. A composite image showing a dolphin playing with 6-pack rings found in the middle of a huge patch of floating plastic garbage.

20. A man swimming through trash in Manila Bay, Philippines

21. An over polluted beach in Hong Kong

Which of these images terrified you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!


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So called "civilized humans" make me sick. All fotos are terrifying, but #2 and #14 almost made me choke. The destroyers don't all come from China, but most asian countries are involved. But there are enough other countries too, why don't those damn politicians all over the world do something about this "mess"???


Why doesn't China's govermnemt just ban this cruel things as selling poor creatures in plastic bags? ?


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