22 Actors That Had Big Roles in Popular Films and We Didn’t Even Notice

3 years ago

We’ve all probably had that feeling when we’re watching a film and it seems like we’ve already seen one of the actors somewhere. But we just can’t remember where. And this feeling won’t go away until we pause the film to find the answer online.

We at Bright Side have had experiences like this. And here are some of the actors that have had famous roles that we didn’t know about until we read it on Wikipedia.

Christopher Lloyd

Geoffrey Rush

Charles Dance

Verne Troyer

Evan Rachel Wood

Mads Mikkelsen

Sarah Paulson

Jack Davenport

Karen Gillan

Ron Perlman

Carice van Houten

Michael Gambon

Kathy Bates

Christopher Lee

Mia Wasikowska

Richard Madden

Jenn Murray

Josh Brolin

Carla Gugino

Hugh Laurie

Til Schweiger

Lady Gaga

How many of these films have you seen and did you recognize the actors in them?


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I guess it's hard to notice who plays a role after they got tons of makeup that changed their appearance drastically


most of the time when singers or models try to play in movies / series this goes completely unnoticed


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