22 Animal Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

4 years ago

Animals definitely have a secret life. Some humans are really lucky to catch their pets while they reveal their most sincere emotions and hidden intentions. And only a small part of them successfully capture them on camera.

Bright Side collected 22 pictures that will inspire you to look closer at your favorite furry buddies.

1. “Hey, you’re back!”

2. “Mice in the house? Call 911!”

3. No escape

4. Trolling like a pro.

5. When a meatball falls out of the pan:

6. “Stop working and play with me right now!”

7. “Now I’ll close my eyes and you’ll never find me.”

8. “How do those flies do it? I need to learn.”

9. A tiny dog in a huge bubble

10. When you tell your owner that you don’t feel like cuddling:

11. “OMG, I’m sooo tired.”

12. Accidental synchronized swimming

13. When you nailed those selfies:

14. “Oops! Something is really wrong with my cage.”

15. “’Drink plenty of water,’ they say.”

16. The thinker cat

17. “Ok, now you can help me.”

18. “My friend’s dog is not happy about leaving the dog park early!”

19. When you are so awesome, all the chicks stalk you:

20. “Sink or float?”

21. “Some privacy, please!”

22. The guiltiest pup ever

What do your pets do when you’re not watching? Share your stories in the comments below!


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