22 Pictures That Show Nature Is Nothing More Than a Creative Lab

3 years ago

Nature is a real artist and it can create incredible things without our intervention. The hair on your head along with your lashes can split into blonde and brunette. And a butterfly can perfectly mimic the patterns of a leaf. Believe it or not, these miracles do exist in our world.

We at Bright Side are so amazed by our planet and we’d like to share some curious things that were created here, naturally.

1. “This butterfly is perfectly mimicking dead, dried out leaves. It even has ’bite marks’ from bugs!”

2. “I severed a nerve in my index finger. And now, half of my finger can no longer prune.”

3. “The Buddha’s hand fruit is a type of citrus that is all zest and rind — pretty much a lemon peel all the way through.”

4. “This is what an 800-year-old bonsai tree looks like.”

5. “The jabuticaba tree is also known as the Brazilian grape tree. What makes it so unique is that the fruit grows out of its bark.”

6. “This emu looks like a hairy stone from behind.”

7. “My orange had an absurd 4 to 5 layers of fruit inside!”

8. “My tomato’s seeds have started to sprout from the inside.”

9. “A weird pink halibut — they’re usually white.”

10. “Heavy rain turns this stairway into a waterfall.”

11. “My youngest daughter was born this February with an extra finger on each hand.”

12. “How Brussels sprouts grow”

13. “I was doing some digging and found an old nerf dart supporting life!”

14. “My dad and I found these beautiful bees in an old sweatbox used for dried fruit.”

15. “My hair and eyelashes are naturally split into blonde and brunette.”

16. “My neighbors had a tree cut down because it was diseased. The disease left an awesome pattern in the wood.”

17. “My toes are double-jointed.”

18. “A 5-lb mutant heirloom tomato I found”

19. “The color change between my horse’s summer and winter coat is neat.”

20. “I have a birthmark inside another birthmark on my ankle.”

21. “This is the most beautiful corn. It’s a Native American variety, and yes, it really does grow like that.”

22. A giant Brahma chicken

What’s the most amazing natural thing that you’ve ever seen with your own eyes? Do you have any pictures of things that prove how creative our planet is? Please share them with us!


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Hey I can do the same with my toes! Never thought it was special tho ?


I wonder if that horse color change is just becauase it has more hair, like denser


Poor girl, I really hope she doesn't get bullied because of it ?


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