22 Tender Pics of a Little Girl and a Rescue Dog That Take Us to a Fairytale World

2 years ago

There’s no bond quite like the one between children and their pets. They teach each other about friendship, kindness, and empathy, but they are also the perfect match for various fun adventures. Photographer Robin Chavez Brazill captures all of those feelings perfectly in a series of playful and heartwarming portraits of her daughter Raven and their foster dog Jack. Judging by the adorable photos, the pair is inseparable, and it seems impossible to catch a moment without Jack being there, like a truly devoted friend.

Bright Side is thrilled to share these fairytale-like portraits that have the power to evoke the sweetest childhood memories.

1. Jack being the watchful friend of his adorable little human

2. Making everything more fun and cozy

3. Their love for each other only grew stronger

4. They enjoyed relaxing reading sessions

5. Shared summer refreshments

6. Went on outdoor adventures

7. Or shared music lessons

8. Jack is a perfect dancing buddy

9. And the sweetest sidekick

10. Even a robot

11. Showing support even when he doesn’t understand what it’s all about

12. They march to the beat of their own drum

13. Learning and growing together

14. Admiring each other

15. Sharing tasty meals

16. And even desserts

17. And becoming experts at having fun

18. Whether it’s building a dream house

19. Sailing on a pirate ship

20. Or playing chase together

21. Raven and Jack always have each other’s back

22. And share positive vibes with their friends

Anyone who grew up with a pet is sure to have plenty of fond memories of their best furry friend. Did you have a pet growing up? Tell us about your first pet in the comments below.


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