22 Times Bright Siders Got “New” Dogs After Visiting a Groomer

3 years ago

Dog grooming is pure magic. You bring your dog to a groomer and get another one to take home. The difference can be huge and impressive. Sometimes it can even look like your pet changed its breed. And our readers have experienced this exact situation.

They shared photos of their dogs with Bright Side before and after visiting a groomer. And we can’t express our surprise. You’d better take a look for yourself.

1. These big eyes were covered with fur.

2. Not only the style but even the head’s shape seems to have changed!

3. This puppy is a bit skeptical after having been groomed.

4. A new haircut to survive the summer heat.

5. “Buddy came home a different dog. I prefer him a little shaggy.”

6. What a cute doggie that was hidden under all that fur!

7. “I got my dog back on Monday. He went from Schnauzer to Poodle.”

8. “Before and after my dog got groomed — my kids kept insisting he wasn’t Charlie.”

9. What a colorful face!

10. Their ears became twice as small.

11. One visit to a groomer equals one new dog

12. “Doodles are hilarious when groomed.”

13. “My dog before and after they got groomed — I thought I brought the wrong dog home.”

14. “Maggie before and after we got her”

15. Doodles look fluffy, even after being shaved!

16. A new haircut makes everyone happy!

17. “Dropped off my Welsh terrier at the groomer Friday to get rid of his winter hair (he’s 8 months old).”

18. Hard to believe that it’s the same dog.

19. Is it a doodle or a poodle?

20. At least the glance remained the same.

21. This doggie looks younger now

22. Finally, we can see a face!

Has your pet ever visited a groomer? How did they change? Show us photos of their transformation in the comments.

Preview photo credit Catherine Farnsworth / Facebook


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Reminds me of the time we took our dog for his first haircut in 3 years... He goes regularly now but we didn't recognize him at all


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