28 Hilarious Dogs Who Do Everything to Earn the Title of “Good Boy”

4 years ago

Dogs are the most devoted creatures on the planet. They are always ready to help and to serve their people. All they ask in exchange is just a little bit of love and to be called “good boys” from time to time.

Bright Side found doggies who try harder to be the best when they hear those 2 magic words. Try to look at them without a smile. We bet you won’t be able to stand their charms!

1. The captain is on duty.

2. “Our owner has a business meeting. But it’s not a big deal. We can wait here.”

3. When you were a good boy for the whole year in order to take part in your owner’s wedding:

4. “I am recovering from an operation, and he doesn’t want to leave me for a moment.”

5. He is patiently waiting for his owner at the door of the bakery.

6. “He was too friendly to be a guide dog, so now he is officially a good boy and my best friend.”

7. This guy works at the post office as a stamp licker.

8. He was the only one who listened to the flight attendant carefully when she instructed the passengers about safety onboard.

9. He lives to serve.

10. He is younger than one year, but he is already the best helper in the house.

11. The good boy is here and ready to save you.

12. When you feel that your man won’t cope without you:

13. When you shouldn’t get on the bed, and you know that you are a very obedient boy, but it’s all stronger than you:

14. Hiking with your man

15. Good boys can boast different talents.

16. “I suggest that you invest in tennis balls. I think it can be profitable.”

17. “My dog Pablo peed on the floor and tried to clean it up.”

18. “I met this boy with excellent behavior on a plane.”

19. “Who is a good bo...”

20. “Those ignorant parents! The baby is cold!”

21. The best doctor in the world

22. The good boy is ready for winter.

23. “My dog brought me a piece of soil. I can read this in his eyes: ’I thought you might need this.’ ”

24. When you were just adopted from the shelter and are overwhelmed with a desire to serve:

25. “I had to return home to take a jacket and I ’tied’ him at the front door. When I went out, I saw an extraordinary good boy.”

26. This boy knows: in order to make your people happy, wipe your paws before you enter the house.

27. And then God asked, “Who is the good boy here?”

28. Beware of the good boy!

Bonus: When your man is asking who the good boy is and you already know the answer...

How does your dog try to earn the title of “good boy”? Share your stories about the best doggies in the world in the comments.

Preview photo credit LandPirateSarah/reddit, undulgy.com


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