22 Times Nature Gifted Dogs With Fabulous Coloring, and We’re Stunned

4 years ago

The famous author Milan Kundera once wrote in his book that, “Dogs are our link to paradise,” and boy was he right. Dogs are not considered to be man’s best friend by accident and nature has gifted some of them with uniquely furry patterns like heart-shaped markings.

At Bright Side we selected some of the most unusual yet beautifully embodied mosaics on dogs’ fur that show the true grace of nature.

1. A seemingly mixed cat and dog breed

2. The dog with the puppy ear

3. Now you know what the word “cutie” looks like.

4. Meet Freckles.

5. Rowdy, the beautiful lab

6. A heart-nosed dog is here to make you smile.

7. My friend’s puppy looks like she’s wearing zebra print accessories.

8. Who’ s the cutest Dalmatian that ever existed? This guy with the heart eyes.

9. My, what expressive eyebrows Simon has.

10. “Black or white?” — “Both, please!”

11. We heart you too.

12. This dumpling is a cutie!

13. A half-black half-brown shepherd

14. This Dachshund is a rare find.

15. We found one of the 3 musketeers on the way home.

16. A brown spotted Dalmatian is so beautiful.

17. This leopard dog was spotted in India.

18. The 2-faced doggie

19. This dog has a big heart.

20. A dog upon a dog...

21. Disneyland’s new mascot is born!

22. And this guy looks like he stepped into a bucket of gray paint.

Every dog looks uniquely beautiful to us, how about you? Which was your favorite furry mosaic? If you are a dog parent, share pictures of your pet’s unique markings with us. We can never get enough dog photos!


Dogs decided to show even more love to humans and started having hearts on their fur :)
Super adorbale compilation
I'm the crazy lady who wants to adopt all of them even if they're not on for adoption :p

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