22 Vacation Photos That Are Worth Crossing the Whole World to Take

4 years ago

If you’ve seen a picture online of a faraway place and wanted to teleport there, you’re most certainly not alone. With wanderlust being a real, demanding thing, it’s easy to look at social media and wish to be elsewhere. At this point, there’s no use giving in. Look at pictures that make you jealous of seas that are bright blue and snowy mountains that sparkle in the sunlight. But instead of letting them get you down, use them to fuel your desire to get on the next plane and out into the world!

We at Bright Side thought we’d show you some ideas. If you have that travel bug inside you, go through this compilation and get the ultimate inspiration. Get that one-way ticket and fly!

1. “A giant hanging from a waterfall”

2. Who needs a surfboard when you have your bestie?

3. Imagine if someone could pick you up like this and drop you anywhere you wanted to go around the world.

4. Giraffe Manor in Kenya makes for some interesting breakfast buddies.

5. This guy is in Hawaii, but this is a really cool trick for any shoreline.

6. Perspective is everything when you visit the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

7. Who needs to swim with the fish when you can look this epic above them?

8. Who wouldn’t want to look like the silhouette of Ariel from The Little Mermaid?

9. This butterfly farm in Costa Rica is full of incredible opportunities.

10. Taking epic pictures in Egypt doesn’t always have to incorporate the pyramids!

11. “I ventured into the Al Qudra desert to capture this filter free shot of day breaking over Dubai.”

12. Walking on water is so old school. Try this instead.

13. High-fiving this statue in Rio works at any angle!

14. The ultimate relaxation spot

15. “Oh, hello there! Do you want another friendly face for your photograph?”

16. The sunbeams in this underwater cave make her look like a majestic otherworldly creature.

17. Get a “pisa” this picture!

18. Making new friends is easy when the water is this clear.

19. Just monkeying around in Bali...

20. Pretending to be underwater statues is very effective.

21. The man on the moon would be proud to be displayed in this way.

22. Be creative and make yourself look strong in the most rad way possible.

Which travel picture gives you the urge to buy a one-way ticket? Let us know below, and if you have any epic vacation pictures, make sure to post them. We’d love to see them!


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