15+ Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport

7 months ago

The airport is a world with its own rules and special characteristics, where you can meet different people and get into some really funny situations.

Bright Side wants to show you some amazing things that you can only see at the airport.

“A friend of mine saw this traveler and his falcons at Doha Airport in Qatar. Right, why not travel with them?”

The airport is where you meet new people.

Everyone kills time in any way they can: some of us rest.

Some of us snack.

Some of us role play.

Others just can’t wait to see their relatives.

Some people even work.

Nothing, not even travel, should change your habits.

How did these guys pass security?

Is he one of Santa’s helpers?

You can even take a photo with a celebrity.

And another one.

Or, you can see birds flying to Switzerland...

These pictures are amazing.

They are so cute!

You will see some new and inventive sleeping positions.

You might also realize that you’re not really having a bad day.

Some people get really creative.

Why? How?

A great way to not lose your luggage.

So moving!

What interesting situations have you seen happen at the airport? Tell us in the comment section below.


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