23 Design Items Your Guests Will Want to Steal

3 years ago

We couldn’t help but laugh when we stumbled upon these ingenious creations for the practical products we all use around our house. Your guests will most definitely remember their visit with you, or, moreover, they will want to borrow these resourceful items. And who could blame them?

We at Bright Side appreciate very creative thinking and we gathered the most adorable items that will make you say, “I want that,” from the ocean of the internet. Take a look.

1. If you ever feel like eating sushi or shrimp, these shark sauce holders will be there for you.

2. These “strong” cats are here to hold whatever you need.

3. Do you want to “receive” flowers every day? These hand vases will definitely make you feel special.

4. These tiny milk jugs and candy holders in the shape of squirrels will make you want to have coffee now.

5. Who said that mirrors can only be round or rectangular? Give your home a drop of creativity with these dripping mirrors or with ones in a hexagonal shape.

6. Don’t throw away your keys just yet...

7. Missing the sea or the ocean? Then you can try these pearl and shell lamps.

8. Shark and whale storage items are ready to keep whatever you put inside their “mouth” safe.

9. These human head vases will make you feel less lonely and they are multifunctional as well.

10. Your runny nose will thank you for these tissue boxes. They will definitely satisfy your needs as quickly as you can say “sniff, sniff.” They can be personalized too.

11. Care for some aromatherapy?

12. This stretching cat would make the perfect holder for your paper towels or even toilet paper rolls.

13. Your toothbrush needs to feel like home too, so it needs a cozy holder.

14. These magnetic geese will keep your keys, or whatever you need to keep in sight, in one place.

15. Plant holders at your disposal!

16. If the loud noise of banging a door drives you crazy, try this door stopper. Looking at it will make you forget why you were angry in the first place.

17. Do you always forget where you put your glasses? This spectacle holder, that is made from carved wood, will do the job for you and keep them in sight.

18. Tired of holding your phone in your hand? They can help.

19. Have you ever burned your hands after you heated something up? This microwave bowl hugger will come in handy in these instances.

20. Each time you pour a drink in these glasses, an animal appears.

21. Always losing your paper clips? Not anymore!

22. Bags in the shape of milk cartons? Yes, please!

23. These dumplings in the shape of goldfish are stuck in our minds. This is creativity level 2.0.

Which one put a smile on your face and made you giggle? Do you have any other funny or inventive items at home? Or perhaps you have some custom-made pieces. We want to see them too. Share with us below.


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