23 Perfect Photos That Can Take Your Breath Away — They Definitely Took Ours

3 years ago

In a world full of chaos and disorder, it’s so important to give yourself a moment to rest. And if you look at something beautiful like the photos from our compilation, this rest will be much more efficient. We bet that the photo of the glass of soda will amaze you.

Bright Side has made a compilation of photos that show the perfection of our universe.

1. This looks more like an optical illusion.

2. Someone has a lot of free time...

3. Taking a little extra care when taping off sections at work was totally worth it.

4. It’s like a portal to a different dimension!

5. “This Benjamin Franklin mug I just got has a slot to make the end of your tea bag the kite.”

6. “My mom found a towel that matched her tiles.”

7. Markhors drinking from a bowl

8. The pattern in this cucumber matches experiments of sound vibrations in fluids.

9. This string of bubbles below the soap dispenser

10. This is not your usual glove.

11. This rock has a perfect quartz stripe.

12. A table that perfectly fits its chairs

13. This moth picked the perfect urban camouflage.

14. The way the vans are parked

15. “It only fits 4, but still works perfectly.”

16. “It took me a while to figure out why my sink full of dishes wouldn’t drain.”

17. The glass to the left holds exactly 1 can of cola.

18. “My smoothie today”

19. Sponge in a cup

20. The way this pizza box fits in this hotel fridge door

21. The water is right where you want it.

22. “This is what happened when I warmed up my milk before making my coffee.”

23. Perfectly aligned vegetables

How often do you see such perfect things in your life? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit imgur, imgur, ArmenianGuy / imgur


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