23 Reasons Why Dogs Are the Best Things in This World

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There are about 900 million dogs all around the world. 900 million fluffy cuties who are ready to give their best human friend all their love and devotion. We in turn love dogs, adore them, enjoy their spontaneity, and melt from their sweetness. And it’s not accidental. They are wonderful creatures and this has been confirmed numerous times.

Bright Side can’t wait anymore to share with you the irrefutable evidence of dogs’ greatness.

1. Your best friend is always there to support you.

2. They smile...

3. ...and laugh.

4. Dogs don’t follow the crowd...

5. Some pups pretend to be human.

6. They can even convince the cat that it’s a dog.

7. They know what to choose.

8. They know their duties even when they’re just puppies...

9. ...and responsibly perform them.

10. Their eyes can beg for anything from you.

11. They have everything under control.

12. Pups are the perfect babysitters...

13. ...and are friends with everybody.

14. Good girls like the driver’s seat.

15. Dogs have big hearts.

16. They’ll guard your cart...

17. ...and keep you in shape.

18. Pups are such cuties while sleeping.

19. Dogs care about safety...

20. ...and don’t care about your social status.

21. They will easily change up your routine.

22. There can never be too many best friends.

23. Dogs are superheroes.

Do you know any other reasons why dogs are the best? Do you have a pawfect friend? Tell us in the comments.

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Wow, there are endless reasons! I've always had a dog in my life. How many are dog lovers here?

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