23 Wedding Shots From All Over the World That Show the Deep Meaning of This Big Day

4 years ago

Not every bride throws the bouquet over their shoulder. In China, they are instead shot with harmless, headless arrows by the groom, who then collects and breaks them during the ceremony to ensure ever-lasting love. But one thing is sure to remain the same in every country: the emotional rollercoaster that people involved in them go through and what exactly it means to them. Fortunately, photographers are always present to take moving and sometimes funny photos of these special moments.

Bright Side made a collection of some of the best wedding photos from around the world which perfectly captured the essence of this powerful event. Grab your tissues!

1. A farewell hug between a Yoruba bride and her mother

2. Abenchara and Efrén from Spain prove that the smaller gestures are often the most impactful.

3. Not even the strongest of hearts can look at this without getting a bit emotional.

4. A father recognizes and accepts the start of a new stage in his daughter’s life.

5. One second is all it takes to see how proud they are of their daughter.

6. If you didn’t believe in love before, you do now.

7. There’s no shame in having to get creative about where to wipe away your tears.

8. “While the new journey is exciting, departure is never easy.”

9. Whatever your interpretation of this photo is, you can’t help but feel moved.

10. A powerful shot of the grandfather of the groom moments after witnessing his grandson get married.

11. Not wanting to break tradition, this Marine found a way to hold his bride’s hand and say a prayer before the ceremony.

12. Being surrounded by your loved ones makes any ceremony 10 times more meaningful.

13. You’ll be smiling in 3, 2, 1...

14. Hindu weddings never fail to make everyone look magical.

15. Accurate visual representation of how nerve-racking weddings are:

16. We all aspire to one day achieve this level of happiness:

17. The best man, both literally and figuratively!

18. You can feel every ounce of their love and admiration for the bride.

19. It’s the perfect moment to have captured forever.

20. That one friend who’s allergic to public displays of affection:

21. The happiness radiating from this will warm your heart for the next 2 hours.

22. For some, a wedding is an opportunity to make precious memories: “My dad became deaf and confined to a walker last year, but he still wanted to do a father/daughter dance.”

23. The celebration of their future life together!

Which of these photos do you think best represents the beauty and high and lows of a wedding ceremony? Do you have a favorite photo from your own wedding you’d like to share with us? Please do so in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Fhadekhemmy / Wikipedia Commons


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