24 Images That Will Instantly Hack Into Your Heart

4 years ago

Sometimes, even a plain old towel can evoke warm feelings because it was in your grandma’s home and she has kept it for you for the last 12 years. Today’s collection is like a melodrama, so be prepared for tears!

At Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by these true-life stories that really touched our hearts.

This veterinarian has an assistant dog to comfort the sick dog patients and let them know everything is going to be alright.

“My 8-year-old son caught me crying over my missing engagement band and made me this.”

Nap time at kindergarten

The secret of a happy marriage has just been unlocked.

“My husband’s brother donated his perfectly matched kidney to save my husband’s life.”

“My grandmother passed away this past summer and left me this cactus. It started to grow a flower a few days ago and it made me think of her.”

All mothers are the same when it comes to worrying about their children.

“I got assigned to photograph a luncheon at a hospital. No one else wanted to do it because they said it would be so boring. This is an image of a doctor hugging his patient whose life he had saved.”

“These 2 beauties had been barn mates but were separated for a few months. This is what happened when they saw each other at the horse park after their long absence from each other.”

“12 years ago I moved from my hometown, and every year we’d come to visit. I normally stay at my grandma’s house, and when we moved she bought a towel for when I’d come. 12 years later, she still hangs the same duck towel for me when I arrive.”

“I was taking a nap outside and woke up to find a stray cat sleeping on my stomach.”

Another reminder that your attention is priceless to others.

“I had a crush on this stray dog. She spent the whole night by my side, protecting me from another dog pack while I was alone camping on a beach in Taiwan.”

“I just went through a messy break-up and my coworker gave this to me when she found out.”

She’s found her human.

A 5-year-old girl was being teased by her classmates for looking like a boy. Her teacher chopped off her own hair to support her.

When you know how to share:

The WWII veteran with all 3,000 cards he received for his 100th Birthday

“This is what kindness looks like — my wife and I are in rough shape thanks to the government shutdown, but after mentioning it in a comment thread, this happened.”

From the shelter to endless cuddles!

“Me crying happy tears while seeing my son for the first time”

A conversation to remember for the rest of time

“My sister lost her eyesight due to a brain tumor on her 14th birthday. This princess was so kind and she let her feel every part of her crown and dress.”

“I lost a friend this week and I’ve been going through the motions. I was walking to work this morning crying and I saw this at the doorstep to my job. I really needed it. Thank you whoever has done this. Hopefully, it can help someone else who sees this.”

Do you have your own touching photos or stories that you would like to share with the rest of the world? Leave them down in the comment section.

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In Poland, there is also a nurse cat, he helps other animals to recover after their operations :)
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