10+ Odd Situations That Hardly Anyone Can Explain

3 months ago

Sometimes the things people do are so out of the box, they make us want to say, “Somebody, pinch me!” Things like a woman eating a whole grilled chicken on a subway, workers laying asphalt onto water, and a person dressed up in road cones make us really wonder about the world. What would you think if you saw such a jaw-dropping scene in a public place?

1. Vehicles from the future

2. Who knew there were so many ways to use a telephone?

3. “We had a crazy storm yesterday that produced a tornado, softball sized hail, and flash flooding.”

4. “Black kitty enjoys some warm ground lighting.”

5. “Zero shadow day”

6. “Best photo I have ever taken”

7. “Found in the wilds of New Jersey”

8. “A patch of my hair fell out 1.5 years ago and has grown back curly”

9. “Due to the chair leg and this guy’s posture, it looks like he’s wearing high heels.”

10. “So I turned into a toad last night...”

11. “This customer replaced their passenger seat with a shopping cart”

Which of these scenes seemed the weirdest to you? Have you ever seen people behaving in such an extraordinary way? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit gsmaciel / Reddit, keehcyma / Reddit


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