24 Photos That Prove Hairless Cats Are Actually Amazing

5 years ago

Sphynx cats are intelligent, curious and affectionate, they love being around people, and they get along with other pets — it’s no wonder more and more people make them a part of their families! If you decide to get one of these cats, you can bet you’ll never be bored again. Although the name sounds ancient, this breed is relatively recent. The first Sphynx originally came from Canada as the result of a mutant gene that produced the first-ever hairless kitten.

We at Bright Side have fallen in love with these cats and prepared this selection to share with you.

1. “Have you seen my other pink sock?”

2. Little wrinkly pinky

3. “I practiced my special look in front of a mirror for hours. I think I got it.”

4. “Keep working on it, kid and one day you’ll be as good as me.”

5. “I can see the wisdom in these eyes.”

6. “These eyes just melt my heart.”

7. “And these too!”

8. Their eyes get more and more incredible.

9. Okay, no more eyes, just wrinkles!

10. “Mommmm, they called me baldie!”

11. “Oh dear, how can I unsee it now?”

12. A Sphynx cat’s hand — that’s just freaky.

13. Triple trouble

14. The neck stretch is very important.

15. The tongue needs to get some aeration.

16. “I think my cat is really unimpressed with my behavior.”

17. “Human, you are not allowed to move, ’cuz I’m resting.”

18. They’re just like little aliens!

19. “Oh dear, please, don’t do it again.”

20. Getting dressed for the red carpet

21.“Look at me!”

22. “Am I a cutie or what?”

23. “You will pay for it, hooman.”

24. They are truly special.

Are you lucky enough to have a Sphynx at home? Show us your darling’s picture in the comments.

Preview photo credit brunnerpb / imgur, lyndxe / reddit


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