20 Photos That Reveal What Living With a Man Is Like

2 months ago

Men can be really creative. They always find the most unexpected solutions: like making a plunger-hairbrush and frying a robot. Women would have really boring lives if men were not so creative and funny.

We at Bright Side decided to show you 20 brilliant ideas from men.

“Ladies, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a boy’s bathroom? Allow me to start...”

When you are too lazy to remember your coat:

When you are tired of snow on your boots:

“Guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issues.”

When everything has its own place:

A bag is not that reliable, but this thing is.

When you are a young father and you are a little bored:

A “storage nook” in my boyfriend’s bathroom

“Tooth brush holder and air freshener, all in one!”

Men never grow up.

“This is my dog tolerating my dad’s nonsense.”

Here is another crazy find in a man’s bathroom.

“My husband made this Ginger-bread house for me...”

When changing the toilet paper roll can be a real challenge:

Well, why not?

When you know exactly how to repurpose your daughter’s old sandals:

Here’s a meal every bachelor has to try:

“And this is my bedroom...”

“I think I caught them having a serious conversation.”

Here is a true man’s holiday spirit.

What mysterious things has your man done? We would love to read your stories in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit kathasty / Twitter


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