24 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

10 months ago

Live flowers or houseplants are always good, they add color to your surroundings. Bad weather is far less appalling if there is something in your home that blooms and gives off a sweet fragrance.

There are, of course, ordinary floral compositions, but you can do these in more interesting ways. Try assuming the role of a florist and catch some inspiration!

We at Bright Side would like to suggest a few of the most colorful options and recommend buying yourself some flowers right away.

Decoration made of shells and pebbles

Glass jars and containers are an unusual yet cheap alternative for flower vases. If you put some sea shells, pebbles, or fish bowl decorations in there, they can become a small work of art.

An original vase made of rubber boots

To add some sunshine to a rainy day, get yourself some bright tulips and put them in waterproof rubber boots — they fit the role of a vase perfectly. By the way, other small houseplants will look nice in worn shoes you don’t need anymore.

A new life for an old watering pot

Use old kitchenware with imagination! Bring an old watering pot or a pitcher back to life by planting flowers in there that match the color.

Miniature vases made of eggshells

A table composition made from eggshells and flowers looks really springy and fresh. You can also add green twigs, pebbles, dried flowers, or any other decorations. You can even replace the eggshells with sea-shells of different sizes.

Flowers instead of soup

If you have a long forgotten soup tureen, it’s time to put it to use. Using a flat vase or a soup tureen, you can make a very posh bouquet that will brighten your house on special days.

A collection of vases made from old bottles

If you want to decorate your interior but don’t have enough time, start with something simple. Single flowers in tall wine or soda bottle draw attention to themselves and fit almost any surrounding. Bottles can be either similar or different in shape and color — they all look nice!

A flower shelf made out of a wooden box

Making a wooden box or tray into a hanging shelf is not that hard to do. Such shelves with flower pots inside of them look perfect in countryhouses or Provence-style kitchens.

A cute flower basket

Any grass or small flowers in a basket will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Inside, you should put some treated sponge to help preserve the freshness of the plants.

A sweet handmade vase

A bouquet in red and white will look very unique in a sweet vase made out of candy canes, that can be put inside or outside of the vase itself. The difficult part here is keeping them away from your kids! You can also use colored pencils or brushes for drawing instead of candy.

A bouquet’s second life

Broken or wilting flowers can live longer if their buds are placed in a shallow glass or ceramic bowl filled with water. Such a floating composition of roses, chrysantemums, or gerberae will save their fragrance and colors for a very long time.

A nice vase made out of a tin can

Tin cans can make pretty little vases. They are easy to put on a wall or somewhere in your house. You can paint one side of them to match your interior, or decorate them according to your taste with any available materials.

A vase for DIY lovers

Items knitted with love bring warmth and coziness, and knitted-over flower pots are always a good idea for interior design. A good reason to learn knitting, isn’t it?

Flowers in a teacup

Bright flowers sitting in tea or coffee cups are good for lightening the mood and decorating for a small tea party — laconic, pretty, and romantic. Small cups and pots are also good for growing spices, cacti, or houseplants.

A table composition

Table combos made out of succulents or small flowers brighten up the dinner table a lot, while more colorful plants and rich flowers placed in a row in the middle of the table will be just what your celebration table needs.

Another good use for empty bottles

This is another unusual way to put empty bottles and an equally empty wall to use. Warning: you may need help to do this construction activity. After this, you will always have an incentive to keep flowers at home so the bottles don’t remain empty.

Tree twigs in bloom

Blossoms of an apricot or cherry tree in simple glassware will bring spring right into your home. You can take twigs that only have buds and they will bloom in your house, giving off a sweet smell.

Vases of just about anything

Various flowers placed in one unusual pot will make a positive difference in any room. The ’flower pot’ could be anything, even the most unlikely pot — a gift box, an ice bucket, or a sand mold from your kid.

Alchemist style

Empty perfume or lab vials will look good in your bathroom or bedroom with buds inside of them. Several flowery compositions placed without a specific order will freshen up your surroundings.

White flowers in a white vase

Monochrome compositions looks always elegant — especially if it’s a crisp white flower bouquet. It seduces you with its lightness and gives you a lot of different opportunities for use. A white vase with white flowers is a combination that will bring freshness into any interior.

Glass vase decoration

If you are tired of an ordinary glass jar, you can easily turn it into a whole new vase. Just wrap its base in a cloth or any textured material and decorate its top with anything you wish. Wrap a rope around its neck and you’ll be able to hang such a pot wherever you like.

Colorful painted water

Another way to liven up a glass flower vase is to add some food dye into the water. Some flowers, such as white roses for example, might even change their color to match the dye — it’s a good place to do experiments.

A soft decoration for your bedroom

Tiny bouquets in tiny glasses will help you acquire a romantic mood and an equally romantic air in your apartment. Just don’t add too many flowers to the composition — one big flower with several small ones or even some greens instead will be perfect.

Flowerbed in a cage

Having a birdcage does not necessarily mean you can’t decorate it — a vase with flowers inside it or a bouquet on top of the cage will look fascinating. You can hang such a decoration on a wall or ceiling, or even place it in the middle of a table.

DIY floral arrangement

Use tape to make a grid on wide open bowls and vases. The grid keeps your flowers in place.

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