25+ Christmas Movies to Watch With Family

6 months ago

The festive atmosphere floods the planet as the most wonderful time of the year approaches. What better way to celebrate this enchantment than to spend time with family? There is none. Holiday activities are a terrific way to get into the Christmas spirit, but shared moments of movies and fun can easily become treasured memories. Check out our best Christmas movies to watch with family—your new favorite film may be waiting for you on this list.

1. A Boy Called Christmas

This movie is about Nikolas, a little child who embarks on an incredible trip in the extremely cold north to find his father. His father is on a mission to uncover Elfhelm, the mythical village of the elves. Nikolas swiftly discovers his destiny with the help of a determined reindeer named Blitzen and a faithful pet mouse in this charming, hilarious, and touching tale showcasing the boundless possibilities of adventure.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.7/10

2. A Christmas Story

This movie is about a young boy Ralphie Parkers who is determined to persuade his parents, teacher, and even Santa Claus that nothing but his specific gift will suffice as the ultimate Christmas present. He envisions himself as the hero, thwarting villains. As the highly anticipated day arrives, he unwraps numerous gifts, including a charming one from his aunt that wins his mother’s admiration. Did he get the gift?

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.9/10

3. Daddy’s Home

Brad, who is a regular radio host, tries hard to be a good stepdad to Sara’s kids, Megan and Dylan. He can’t have kids himself after an accident. Slowly, the kids start warming up to Brad. Then, out of the blue, Sara’s ex-husband Dusty calls and finds out about her marriage to Brad. He decides to visit. Sara’s unsure about letting him in, but Brad thinks the kids must have a good relationship with both their dads.

You can find this movie on Paramount Plus.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.2/10

4. Daddy’s Home 2

After patching things up in the first movie, in this sequel, Brad, the kind stepdad, and Dusty, the kids’ biological father, are now proud co-dads, raising Megan and Dylan together. This Christmas, they plan to spend the holidays as one big family. But when Dusty’s tough-guy dad, Kurt, and Brad’s affectionate father, Don, unexpectedly drop in, chaos looms.

Stuck in a snowy cabin for a week, they face a holiday disaster unless the two sets of fathers learn to get along for the kids’ sake. Will they pull through? Can the four dads save Christmas?

You can find this movie on Paramount Plus.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.0/10

5. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Inspired by Charles Dicken’s Christmas story, this supernatural and time-traveling music adaptation tells us more about Mr. Scrooge’s life, as he gets a visit from his ex-business partner’s ghost Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve. Along with it, he is also visited by the three spirits of Christmas past, present, and future. They’re hoping to show Scrooge the mistakes he’s made and the ones that could change his future.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.2/10

6. Golden Winter

Oliver’s parents, who were usually busy with business, repeatedly canceled engagements with him throughout middle school. Meanwhile, at a foreclosed home, a family abandons their dog and puppies.

When Oliver and his companions break in, they discover the pups. Despite his friends’ wishes to sell the dogs, Oliver accepts responsibility for them. He and his puppies work together to stop a bank heist just in time for Christmas.

You can find this movie on Peacock.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 3.9/10

7. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

This movie is about 12-year-old Emma, who takes on the challenge of overturning her town’s no-dogs policy. Emma finds a puppy and decides to keep it, dodging the dogcatcher’s pursuit. Determined to uncover the mystery behind the missing dogs, she also aims to win over the mayor with an unforgettable Christmas pageant.

You can find this movie on Peacock.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.4/10

8. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

This is the story about the Grinch, who lives alone on Mt. Crumpet with his dog, Max. He only sees the Whos in Whoville when he runs out of food, and their loud Christmas celebrations disturb his solitude.

When the Whos plan an even bigger Christmas, the Grinch decides to steal it. He dresses as Santa and traps a lazy reindeer to pull his sleigh. Meanwhile, Cindy-Lou Who wants to meet Santa to thank him for helping her mom. As Christmas nears, her plan clashes with the Grinch’s. Can the Grinch steal Christmas once and for all?

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.4/10

9. Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

The story takes place in the same period as the first movie, when the castle was still under the enchantress’s spell, and the prince remained a beast while Belle was his captive. Only Belle was aware that it was Christmas Eve. Despite the servants’ warnings that the Beast detests Christmas—especially since it’s connected to the enchantress’s visit—she intends to decorate the castle for the occasion. Will Belle’s plan to bring Christmas back to the castle succeed in cheering up the Beast?

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.9/10

10. Jingle All the Way

Out of all the Christmas movies to watch with family, this one is surely the one most filled with laughs.
Howard Langston forgets to buy his son the coveted Turbo Man action figure for Christmas. But every store is sold out!

With only 24 hours until Christmas, Howard faces a challenge: a crazed competitor, Myron, is also hunting for the same toy. Who will snag it first? It’s a race to save Christmas at any cost!

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.7/10

11. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Jake is a college student, and he hasn’t been home for any holidays since his mom passed away. To ensure his presence for this year’s holidays, his dad’s offering him his vintage Porsche if he makes it back by 6 PM on Christmas Eve. After a prank takes place, Jake finds himself stranded in the desert with a Santa suit glued to him. Will he make it home for Christmas?

You can find this movie on Paramount Plus.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.5/10

12. Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year

Winnie the Pooh smashes a gift intended for Piglet on Christmas Eve, causing havoc during his tree-trimming ritual. He forgets to greet his pals who arrive to assist with the decorating and quickly hides it in an empty honey pot.

After Piglet gives him his gift, Pooh realizes he hasn’t given it to him yet. Since he can’t recall where he put it, he looks for it till New Year’s Eve. They want to throw a party and utilize their New Year’s resolutions to make changes in their behavior for their friend: Tigger offers to stop bouncing, Piglet agrees to be courageous, Pooh vows to never eat honey again, and Eeyore promises to be happier. But their resolutions make them switch their personalities.

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.6/10

13. Spirited

The story of this film, which is inspired on Charles Dickens’s Christmas classic, follows a selfish and ill-mannered man as he sets out on a fantastical voyage through time. His mission? He must investigate the various stages of time in order to comprehend why he turned so alone and stingy.

You can find this movie on Apple TV+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.6/10

14. Jack Frost

Jack Frost, a touring musician, finds it difficult to spend quality time with his son Charlie. Charlie is devastated when Jack dies in a vehicle accident. But Jack reappears in a way no one expected: as a snowman. They catch up on lost time together, but when the weather gets warmer, people start to notice their strange closeness.

There is still the unanswered subject of what will happen when people witness Charlie having a conversation with a snowman. And what will happen when winter ends?

You can find this movie on HBO Max.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.4/10

15. Alone for Christmas

Similar to the idea in Home Alone where Kevin is forgotten by his family, this story follows a different twist. Instead of a child left behind, it’s a dog. On Christmas Eve, a family heads to Grandma’s, accidentally leaving their dog at home. When burglars target their presents, the dog must use all its tricks to stop the thieves. Will the dog save the presents?

You can find this movie on Peacock.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 3.3/10

16. Angela’s Christmas

This short movie is set in the 1910s Ireland and is a heartwarming story about Angela’s Christmas warmth, family, and her innocent sincere desire for everyone to feel secure and loved on Christmas. This touching, humorous, and heartfelt tale perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the season.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.0/10

17. Angela’s Christmas Wish

In 1913 Limerick, Angela’s father leaves for Australia before she can sing to him. A year later, on Christmas Eve, she hopes for a doll but her mom’s busy. To bring her dad back, Angela and her brother try different things, thinking they can reach Australia. Will she reunite her family in time for Christmas?

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐7.1/10

18. Santa Buddies

This movie is about Santa and his favorite dog, Santa Paws. They start to worry when the North Pole’s Christmas magic weakens. Puppy Paws, longing for a regular dog’s life, joins the Buddies in Fernfield. Elf Eli tries to save Christmas but faces misunderstandings with the puppies and the dogcatcher, Stan Cruge.

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 4.5/10

19. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, a being from Halloween town, gets tired of the same old routine every Halloween. When he learns about Christmas Town, he wants to encourage animals from his town to participate in Christmas celebrations, but they are not doing it right. His obsession with Christmas turns sour when something unexpected happens to Santa Claus.

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.9/10

20. Annabelle’s Wish

A mute boy and a talking calf become close friends, learning about love and sacrifice. Annabelle, the calf, is born on Christmas Eve and longs to fly like Santa’s reindeer. She befriends Billy, a mute boy raised by his grandfather, but faces threats when a relative seeks custody. Through a series of events, including a Christmas wish granted by Santa, the two remain together, and years later one wish becomes the truth. What could it be?

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.2/10

21. The Claus Family

As his mom works, Jules hangs out at his grandpa’s toy shop. He stumbles upon a magical snow globe that transports him far away. There, he learns his grandpa is Santa Claus and must assist him in delivering presents worldwide. But Jules’ dislike for Christmas could complicate things more than Santa anticipated.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.6/10

22. Father Christmas Is Back

This story follows four sisters reuniting at a Yorkshire mansion for Christmas, uncovering misunderstandings that reveal a hidden family secret. Caroline aims for the perfect Christmas to heal the family after their father, James, left years ago. Joined by Joanna, a fashion editor, Vicky, known for changing boyfriends, and Paulina, an introverted music professor, they encounter disruptions when James returns with his girlfriend, Jackie, unraveling their flawless holiday plans and exposing the buried family secret.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 4.5/10

23. The Christmas Dragon

This movie is about Ayden, an orphan who lost her parents to a dragon, is entrusted with a magic crystal by a dying elf to prevent Christmas from fading away. Alongside her friends and an adult named Airk, they journey north to meet Father Christmas and save the spirit of the holiday.

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 4.5/10

24. Prancer

A farm girl discovers a reindeer with an injured leg. Convinced it’s Prancer, one of Santa’s reindeer, she hides and cares for it, planning to nurse it back to health for Christmas. However, her disheartened father, unaware of her belief, intends to sell the reindeer as a marketing display, unaware of its significance to her holiday spirit.

You can find this movie on AMC.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.4/10

25. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

As Christmas approaches, the Griswold family gears up for a festive celebration. However, chaos ensues as Clark, his wife Ellen, and their kids face the usual mishaps. Despite the annoying family guests and Clark’s streak of bad luck, he remains optimistic, counting on his imminent Christmas bonus to keep things afloat.

You can find this movie on Hulu.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.5/10

26. Get Santa

Recently paroled Steve Anderson ignores his son’s claim about Santa in their shed until Santa’s arrest due to a reindeer’s bad luck. To save Christmas, Steve hunts for Santa’s sleigh faces hurdles, and teams up with his son to decode a clue leading to Elf City. But will they save Christmas?

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.3/10

27. David And The Elves

This is the story of Albert, an overworked elf who flees to the human world in search of Christmas joy. To help him regain the joy of the holidays, he makes friends with a child named David. Although Albert believes that everyone adores him, the reality is quite different. Santa Claus and David’s parents work together to locate and rescue them as they make their way to David’s grandparents’ house.

You can find this movie on Netflix.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.2/10

28. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

This movie is great for Marvel fans. After establishing a new base on Knowhere following the events of Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Love and Thunder, the Guardians of the Galaxy try to settle on the Galactic Rim’s edge. When Kraglin, the Xandarian, recounts a Christmas disaster from Peter Quill’s past, Mantis and Drax take on a race-against-time mission to create a happier holiday memory for Star-Lord. But navigating Earth’s complexities poses a challenge. Can Mantis and Drax pull off the ultimate Christmas surprise for Peter?

You can find this movie on Disney+.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 6.9/10

29. Christmas With the Kranks

This is one of the most interesting Christmas movies to watch with family. Known for their extravagant Christmas parties, Luther and Nora Krank decide to take a Caribbean cruise instead of celebrating the holiday. When Blair, their daughter, unexpectedly announces that she and her fiancé, Enrique, will be spending Christmas at home, their plan falls apart. Now that Blair is here, the Kranks have to pull off an unexpected Christmas, rushing to instill the joy they had strived to suppress.

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video.
IMDb Rating: ⭐ 5.5/10

Christmas isn’t about perfection—it’s about cherishing moments with loved ones, even when things go awry. Rediscover the holiday spirit with these heartwarming Christmas stories that bring back the magic of the season!


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