25 Cool Dads Who Are Sweeter Than Honey

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4 years ago

Fatherhood is just as tough as motherhood. Though, dads don’t lose heart and, together with moms, do an amazing job in the whole upbringing process. They protect and support their little ones from the very first day, watch them grow, bloom, and graduate — sometimes they even can’t hold back the tears of love and joy. And we can’t hold back our smiles of tenderness!

Bright Side wants to praise fathers for the job they do for their kids, and presents you with this compilation of the best examples of how deep and affectionate a father’s love can be.

1. He took his daughter to his graduation and 18 years later he proudly accompanied his daughter at her graduation.

2. Kids always come first under any circumstances.

3. Father and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart.

4. “At the last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”

5. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

6. “My dad passed away when I was 16 from cancer and before he died he pre-payed for flowers so I could receive them every year on my birthday until I turned 21. This is my 21st birthday flowers and the last ones.”

7. Father and daughter, growing up together

8. He tattooed it because his daughter passed away and it was the last thing she gave him before the accident.

9. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls, born premature at 30 weeks, together for the first time.”

10. Her dad took time from his job to go to her classroom and drop off flowers for her.

11. Dad helps his little girl to spin a hula hoop. Look how proud she is!

12. Her school discovered she was undocumented and her scholarship & in-state tuition were taken away. Her dad supported her all these years, and she finally graduated.

13. Dad and daughter are dressed up to watch a Cinderella movie.

14. “My dad passed out after taking care of my sick brother all night.”

15. A dad always finds creative solutions to protect his kids from any weather conditions.

16. “My friend has a lot of daughters. This is what his Halloween looks like.”

17. “So my dad made sure my Reese’s wouldn’t melt.”

18. A father and his son dress in the same style.

19. This dad uses a walking device for his paralyzed son, and his boy can’t contain his excitement!

20. This father is taking his daughter to a fun run.

21. This dad is marking out on a small soccer field, with his blind son’s hands, what’s going on down on the actual field.

22. “Went to a daddy-daughter dance and our previous years picture was used as the showcase photo, my daughter felt like a superstar.”

23. He keeps the sun out of her eyes.

24. “My dad volunteering as Batman bringing joy to kids fighting cancer at a children’s hospital.”

25. A school asked on Facebook for 50 volunteer fathers for an event, so kids who didn’t have a father or whose fathers couldn’t make it, would still enjoy it. 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up.

Which photo you did you adore the most? Have you ever seen an example like this of a father’s love? We would like to know about this in the comment section!


The first one is somewhat weird because we all know he was most likely underage and a teenager when he had her in high school. Most parents her age would be 40s or older in 50s. He's most likely in his 30s?? My mom and my uncle is the same age difference.

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