25 Curious Things Proving Our Daily Lives Are Still Packed With Surprises

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A pixilated leaf, daily advice printed on a milk bottle, or a shell that looks like a coconut — sometimes in our everyday life, we see things that are out of the ordinary, making us question everything. The best decision we can make is to take a picture and share it with the world. This is exactly what these Reddit users did, so scroll down to fulfill your curious nature.

Here at Bright Side, we like noticing bizarre things around us, and we like sharing them with you even more.

1. These bus seats in Tampere have a raccoon pattern.

2. That perfect pattern of insect eggs on this leaf.

3. “This shell I found looks just like a coconut.”

4. “My dog has a 2-toned nail.”

5. This oil and vinegar container in an Italian restaurant

6. The constellations made by this glass bowl look like a starry sky.

7. “I wish all food was this kind to me.”

8. “My milk has good advice printed on the side.”

9. “The tree that has absorbed its bench over the years.”

10. The stone on this Italian castle is completely worn down after 700 years of rainfall dripping off the roof onto the exact same spot.

11. This cactus is evaporated, leaving an intact “exoskeleton.”

12. The way the cat snuggled up on the statue!

13. “Just bit into a grape and found another grape.”

14. A fork-in-the-road mystery

15. A field of “Lorax” flowers

16. The purple carrot looks like a bartender who’s ready to take your order and listen to your troubles.

17. The way this lichen grew in rings on a fallen tree

18. “My sunflower bloomed like a two-colored pie chart.”

19. “My grandmother’s immigration forms from the 1950s look just like Cards Against Humanity.”

20. “I found a strawberry with the flower petals still attached.”

21. “Mushrooms growing out of my burro’s tail pot”

22. “I found a frog smaller than a mosquito.”

23. A Coke bottle with an entirely round bottom

24. A house built on top of a railway tunnel in Derbyshire, UK

25. This diseased leaf that looks pixelated.

Have you witnessed anything curious lately? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Kraynix / reddit


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