25+ Facepalm Signs You’re Watching a Soap Opera

4 years ago

If you watch soap operas often, you might feel like you’ve seen every plot twist in the book. The main male character is usually rich, while the main female character comes from a lower class. Some other characters find out that they are siblings which were separated in childhood. And of course, no soap opera can do without someone falling into a coma or getting amnesia.

At Bright Side, we suggest that we have fun together by recalling all familiar soap opera story twists.

  • The main heroine transforms from an unpretty girl into a gorgeous lady of unbelievable beauty and with aristocratic manners.
  • As a rule, no one works. Sometimes characters sit at a working desk with an important look, sorting some papers or staring at a computer screen. During the rest of the time, the characters sort out their relationships.
  • All female characters wear perfect makeup and hair, despite the turmoil happening in their lives.
  • They’re also dressed to the nines wearing high heels, even if they spend the entire day at home.
  • Most frequently, the main male character is a doctor, a lawyer or an architect and he’s a specialist in his country.
  • The main heroine is often a self-made woman coming from low class.
  • Usually, all the characters get together at a celebratory event, like a fashion show or a charity ball, including those who are not supposed to be there in accordance with their status. A huge scandal or a denunciation happens during this event.
  • One of the characters will sink into a coma for a long time.
  • After long years of being in a coma, suffering through alcoholism or other physical or psychological problems, the hero will look fresh, energetic and active.
  • As a rule, there is only one doctor on a show. He or she is also a specialist in all diseases: they operate, control pregnancy, and treat heart problems.
  • The most favorite disease of all soap operas is amnesia.
  • One of the characters stages their death and then comes back from the dead.
  • Someone always faints, especially pregnant women. That’s how they realize that they are expecting a child.
  • The main heroine is usually a girl with a big, kind heart while her rival is a selfish vixen who needs men only for their money and status.
  • This rival wants to capture the main hero by all means: she can make him drunk, put sleeping pills into his drink, or do other nasty things.
  • The entire show takes place in one restaurant only. The characters meet there, talk there, and sort out their relationships there.
  • There is always at least one romantic scene on a deserted beach. Sometimes the characters can’t get away from there due to weather conditions. On this beach, they suddenly realize that they are meant for each other.
  • No secret can be told without someone overhearing it.
  • If a character is comforting, embracing or kissing someone, there enters another character who is not supposed to see it. At this very moment, the episode ends.
  • Women often come to funerals in glamorous evening dresses with low backs and stunning hats.
  • One of the characters always serves time in jail, often falsely accused. If it’s not the main character then they were fairly punished, and when they come out they begin to plot against the main characters.
  • The characters are often on the verge of incest because many of them are siblings, parents, children, or cousins but they have no idea about that.
  • All this happens because children are always abducted or changed in maternity hospitals.
  • The main heroine, being depressed or drugged, can even give away her child to a stranger. During the other half of the show, she repents and looks for her child.
  • When parents eventually find their lost, grown-up children, they always welcome them back with open arms.
  • There’s always a rich and respectful family in soap operas. The main male character usually belongs to this family, and his parents often despise the main heroine because of her humble origin.
  • Suddenly, it turns out that this heroine belongs to one of the richest families herself because she was abducted from the maternity hospital. So, she’s actually a rich heiress.
  • During the next several episodes, the heroine will give up on her happiness for noble reasons. In turn, her significant other will suffer and heal his heart’s wounds with alcohol.
  • In the last episode, the main characters eventually reunite. But before getting married, they make sure that they are not siblings.

What are your favorite soap opera cliches? Did we leave any out? Tell us in the comments!


Yep, as soon as I notice these signs, I turn the film off! Don't like soap operas ?
A soap opera cliche of films made in my country: a poor girl comes from a village to a big city, falls in love with a millionaire and becomes his wife. Amazing. ?
If I feel the film is going to be a soap opera, I just turn it off. Don't like them at all.

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