25+ Famous Redheads Who Set Our Hearts Ablaze

3 years ago

Red hair is the rarest hair color among people in the world, which could explain our fascination with it. Whether it’s natural or even dyed red hair, we can’t stop being mesmerized by gingers. Fortunately, there are a lot of famous redheads out there for us to admire and be in awe of.

Here at Bright Side, we want to take a look at a few of these beautiful celebrity gingers that we can’t stop staring at.

1. Nicole Kidman usually rocks blonde hair, but red is our favorite!

2. Julia Roberts can make any shade of ginger work.

3. Amy Adams’ natural hair color is blonde, but her signature look became these soft red locks.

4. Kirsten Dunst went ginger a few times and we never got over it.

5. Everything about the Riverdale bombshell Madelaine Petsch is absolute goals.

6. Damian Lewis is one dashing ginger English gentleman!

7. Karen Gillan shaved her head for the first Guardians of The Galaxy, but we’re glad her natural ginger locks grew back.

8. Jessica Chastain’s natural red hair stuns us every time.

9. Lindsay Lohan played around with her hair color for a while, but she’s back to her ginger roots.

10. Michael Fassbender is so dreamy with his ginger beard.

11. Bryce Dallas Howard’s ethereal looks make us swoon so much.

12. Christina Hendricks doesn’t shy away from being the ultimate ginger femme fatale.

13. Prince Harry is serving full ginger royalty.

14. Emma Stone is a natural blonde, but the ginger spirit fits her perfectly.

15. Isla Fisher’s fiery locks are what dreams are made of.

16. Irishman Domhnall Gleeson’s gingerness is a thing of beauty.

17. Gillian Anderson played the iconic Scully on The X-Files and made every woman want to get a red bob in the 90s.

18. The one and only Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, is rocking her dreamy red hair again.

19. Eva Green’s raven hair is her most famous look, but she also looks absolutely gorgeous as a redhead.

20. You might be surprised to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch has natural auburn hair.

21. Julianne Moore is the classic natural ginger: freckled and stunning.

22. Sophie Turner’s red hair from her Game of Thrones years suited her to a T.

23. Susan Sarandon has been a ginger for decades and we fully endorse it.

24. Molly Ringwald was the 80s dream girl and her red hair remains iconic.

25. Rupert Grint won our hearts by playing the ginger troublemaker Ron in the Harry Potter saga.

26. Sadie Sink, the breakout star of the hit show Stranger Things, has mesmerizing natural red waves.

Do you also agree that redheads are beautiful and unique? Which famous ginger did you miss on this list? Tell us what you think!


I have never dyed my hair red. I an just a natural red head. The only red in the family!!
I love redheads. I tried to dye my hair red several times, but it didn't look good on me
It's impossible to recognize Nebula in Karen Gillan, when she played in the Guardians of the Galaxy, wow

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