25 Open-Hearted Animals Who Show Us What It’s Like to Be Best Friends Forever

4 years ago

Nature is filled with odd friendships between animals. Whether it’s a cat and a python or a pug and a chameleon, animals just know it’s better to work together. That said, you sometimes don’t need to look further than your own back yard to find them.

We at Bright Side love when animals get along, especially when they come from different worlds, so we are sharing a list of unusual animal buddies.

1. “They get along fairly well.”

2. Theirs is a love to span the ages.

3. Deep down, the owlet loves this.

4. “My dog has been teaching my kitten how weekends work. He’s a fast learner and they make a pretty good team.”

5. Befriending a horse helps you save a ton on bus fare.

6. It’s always nice to have a friend watching over you.

7. These are clearly 2 of a kind!

8. This farm looks like one big party. The dog is the bouncer...

9. It’s always good to have a friend that doubles as a pillow.

10. We all need a buddy to just hang with.

11. There’s nothing like love’s first kiss.

12. This dog is teaching her bunny friend to play fetch...

13. It’s good to have similar taste in food.

14. Hugs make everyone feel safe and warm.

15. Buddies come in all different shapes and sizes.

16. “My baby girls are friends.”

17. “Playing with my brother”

18. It’s his puppy now...

19. With these 2, it’s always cuddling time!

20. Nap time is always better with a buddy...

21. “Have you seen my mouse?”

22. “Aspen and Mildred, a different kind of love story...”

23. This stable is only big enough... for the 2 of us.

24. He will love him and call him George.

25. We all need a friend to play dress up with.

Are there any other animal friends you know that warm your heart? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit JEWPACOLYPSE / Reddit


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Ok, I saw how cats befriend different animals.. but snakes! ?


So funny to look at these grumpy owls receiving some love, and so sweet at the same time :3


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