20 People Who Expected a Calm Trip, but Everything Took a Crazy Turn

11 months ago

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, they handle more than 45,000 flights daily, which equates to about 2.9 million airline passengers. And there’s a small number of those who get lucky enough to see something extraordinary during their trips. Whether that’s a monkey passenger or Darth Vader himself, the situations in our compilation will definitely keep your jaw on the floor.

20. Know your limits.

19. Whoever took their flight with 3 boxes of black widow spiders, may the force be with you!

18. “I paid for in-flight Wi-Fi so I could tweet this immediately.”

17. “I’m sorry sir, that’s not how you go through security...”

16. When benches are too hard to sleep on at the airport:

15. *DING* “Can I get some peanuts in 11A, please?”

14. When you go too hard on the mini-keyboard on the plane:

13. “Apparently, I booked a business trip on a furry flight. I’m the only non-furry.”

12. When you take your girlfriend on a weekend vacation:

11. “I want a big house with a moat, dragons, and a fort to keep people out.”

10. “I was stuck on an airplane for 4 hours waiting to take off. This kept me entertained for about 10 minutes.”

9. “I definitely felt like I was in safe hands as I left Istanbul this morning.”

8. “My friend’s daughter just flew by herself for the first time. This was how he greeted her at the airport.”

7. The Beastie Boys got hold of the gate display again!

6. “I saw this man at the airport today...”

5. She seems to be a genius...

4. Welcome home!

3. Found at Chicago O’Hare Airport

2. Blind pilot?

1. Forget tinfoil hats, this is next generation stuff.

Bonus: This is what happens when a ballet troupe has a flight delay.

Have you ever seen anything outstanding during your trips? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


At least they have crazy and fun memories! ?
Have someone have any of these situations too?

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