20 People Who Know That You Can Change the World Just by Starting With Yourself

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While some people who are sick of the world around them keep repeating the phrase, “Stop the bus, I want to get off,” and dream about moving to Mars, others continue to change the world for the better. In fact, it’s not that difficult — all you need to do is pay more attention to the environment, not pass by others when they are in trouble, help those who need it, and simply not feel shy about doing kind things.

Bright Side is sure that even a tiny act of kindness is a huge step toward making our future world a more beautiful place.

“225,718 tires removed from Osborne Reef off the coast of Florida. I couldn’t be more proud of my company!”

A bag with products was attached to the front of a store in Bari, Italy.

Translation: “Eat this if you are hungry!”

This volunteer is clearing snow from the bridge at the Bowl & Pitcher in Spokane, USA.

“Someone drove 10 miles to deliver my purse back home 2 days after I’d lost it. They didn’t take any of the money from it and didn’t leave a name so I can’t thank them properly. So whoever you are, you are pretty wonderful.”

participant of a marathon ran 19 miles with a puppy that she picked up along the way. After the marathon, she adopted him.

“Every weekend this kid comes to our local park to pick up garbage and recycle things left on the ground.”

This lady was hanging scarves at a busy intersection as the polar vortex hit Chicago.

Don’t pass by if you see that there is someone who needs help. Sometimes one sip of water can save a life.

Some person has been putting books in there for kids to borrow for as long as 10 years.

“I didn’t notice that I lost my gloves yesterday. Found them like this at my car this morning. Thank you, stranger!”

The pizza delivery knew their customer’s kid just turned 1 so they surprised them with an extra baby pizza.

“This awesome stranger turned around in traffic today to tow my stuck car out of an empty lot.”

12-year-old Samuel collects and donates blankets for the homeless. He has collected over 5,000 blankets in the last few years.

“This amazing Uber driver and his passenger saw me slip over in the snow and stopped and insisted I travel the next 2 minutes of my journey with them, no charge. Would have taken me 40 minutes in the snow.”

It was raining so they took the cat in.

“My 7-year-old daughter is cutting her hair off tomorrow so she can donate it.”

“A lovely couple handed my son a little toy doll while we were at the grocery store. They give them to crying kids on airplanes, tearful children at stores, etc. The woman keeps them in her purse wherever she goes. Thank you so much!”

Every Valentine’s Day, this amazing gentleman will bring all the widows from the nursing/retirement home and treat them each to lunch, gifts, and a rose. He’s done this for the last 5 years at our restaurant.

This coffee house helps to preserve the environment, motivating its guests to take care of nature.

“I saw this man and his dog whilst I was crossing a bridge in Prague. It was 25° F out and he used his only blanket to wrap up the dog. A true act of love.​​​​​​”

Do you know people who could become heroes in our next compilation dedicated to acts of kindness? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit everyonelse / Reddit


Enthusiasts who try to save the ocean are the real life superheroes.
I would like to read more good news about people trying to clean the ocean! Others will read it too, get more motivated and maybe it will push someone to action too :)
Good deeds will be never left without a reward, very sweet compilation :)

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