25 Photographs That Prove Two Pets Are Better Than One

4 years ago

Pet owners often have a hard time leaving home and leaving their pets alone for a long time. Of course, they can't stop working and let their cat lie on their lap for the entire day. What they can do is get another pet! We'll show you what getting a second furry family member may lead to in this article.

For people who have been thinking about getting another pet, Bright Side has prepared 25 photos that we're sure will dispel all your doubts.

1. You will have more free time since your puppies will be busy playing with each other.

2. If you like Feng Shui, you'll need two cats: Yin and Yang.

3. You won't have to look for your pets around the apartment: they will always be together.

4. Taking a bath won't be as scary.

5. You can be twice as lazy on the weekends.

6. They will be inseparable even during sleep.

7. And they will always be having fun together.

8. "My mom sent me a text saying, "So... this is my living room."

9. You won't be able to resist the double charm.

10. Sometimes they will play really strange games.

11. A second before the chase.

12. You can be sure that they take care of each other.

13. And you will know that animals can be friends.

14. "Whenever the dog wants to come in, our kitten jumps up and meows to alert us to let her in."

15. The most important thing in life is having someone to put your paw on.

16. This must be the best place in the house.

17. Now we finally know what CatDog looks like.

18. Guess who helped to mow the lawn and who didn't...

19. You are very likely to have animals with different personalities.

20. But soon they will copy each other.

21. They will even mirror each other.

22. Your property will always be very safe.

23. And you will have perfect harmony at home.

24. Friends can vary in size. All that matters is how much space you have.

25. This is what happiness looks like:

Bonus: This rescue fawn thinks he's a dog!

How many pets do you have and are you ready to get another one? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit pineapple-1001/reddit


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