25 Pictures That Prove the World Around Us Is Still Full of Mystery

3 years ago

The way we arrange our clothes might reflect an unusual shadow on the wall, an ice cube seems to smile at us from the bottom of a glass, a piece fruit has a sad look, there’s a mouth screaming for help from a coffee cup. These and so many other unexpected images often appear in everyday objects and situations. Is it chance that brings them to life? Does our imagination make them up or are they really there?

<strong>Bright Side was drawn to these images that show unexpected shapes when you take a closer look. We found many examples, from an octopus-shaped fruit to a landscape that seems to be coming out of another landscape. Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? Never better said!

1. This spider-web looks like Spider-Man.

2. “A leaf that looks like a Brachiosaurus

3. “This piece of the table looks like Jafar’s staff from Aladdin.

4. “My cactus bloomed in a smiley face pattern.”

5. “The light coming from the bathroom window makes my cat look like she just had a great idea.”

6. When you feel that something’s spying on you but can’t really figure out how or where:

7. “It looks like someone is screaming in my coffee cup.”

8. “The ice cubes in my iced coffee look like a smiley face.”

9. “This black potato seems to be evolving into something... different.”

10. A perfect 3-D reflection of the tree!

11. “The art on this shovel after a day of work”

12. “My snake has an ’S’ on his belly.”

13. “The butter on my raisin toast melted into a heart.”

14. “My tank top took the shape of an unamused ancient mask after being discarded.”

15. “The tigers on these socks look like house cats when turned inside out.”

16. “Woke up to my clothes projecting a human profile on the wall.”

17. “A pigeon made a perfect imprint on the window of my college’s skybridge.”

18. My chip looks like the Nike swoosh.

19. “My bonsai tree has a face on its trunk.”

20. “This picture of a storm I took sort of looks like a skull.”

21. “My soda spill turned into a long-legged camel.”

22. “My yogurt lid opened with a smile.”

23. “This air conditioner leakage formed a human silhouette.”

24. “A rusty face that appeared on my hairdryer”

25. The bottom of my coffee cup this morning kinda looked like a cat.

What kind of figures, images, or faces have you seen lately in the objects around you? We would love for you to show us your pictures with strange and amazing gazes! Share them in the comment section, along with the story behind them.


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these are awesome! Ive never seen something like 8 before, how is that even possible.. such a hole in the drink ?


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