25 Rare Pictures of Legendary Celebrities You May Not Have Seen Before

4 years ago

Old pictures of famous people never cease to amaze us. Be it with the tender stories they tell, or the unusual appearances of our favorite celebs that they reveal. One thing is certain: we all enjoy seeing something peculiar, like Steven Spielberg roller-skating or Elton John not looking quite like himself in 1979! And we’re in luck: there are plenty more pictures like these!

Bright Side has found photos of famous people that you probably haven’t seen yet. Some of them are so striking or warm, that they will definitely leave a strong impression!

1. Audrey Hepburn with her husband Mel Ferrer and their son Sean in a maternity home in Switzerland, 1960

2. Elton John after going through customs at Sheremetyevo Airport, 1979

3. David Bowie, 1965

4. Stephen King on the set of Sleepwalkers, 1992

5. Al Green poses for a Polaroid portrait, circa 1975

6. Nicole Kidman in a private photo session, 1983

7. Madonna, 1979

8. Frank Sinatra in his trailer during a break in filming, circa 1950

9. Spike Lee, 1986

10. Barbra Streisand, circa 1960

11. Jim Carrey at home with his daughter Jane, 1991

12. Steven Tyler, 1979

13. Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with their daughter Lisa-Marie, 1968

14. Mick Jagger in a dressing room, 1968

15. Whitney Houston with her mother in the backyard of their home, 1985

16. Céline Dion in Paris, 1982

17. Charlie Chaplin with his wife Paulette Goddard, 1938

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger with the “Queen of Disco” Donna Summer, 1977

19. Steven Spielberg and Goldie Hawn roller-skating during a party at “La Main Jaune” in Paris, 1980

20. Harrison Ford in his home in Los Angeles, 1981

21. Ian McKellen in London, 1970

22. Robin Williams in New York, circa 1980

23. Sigourney Weaver in Paris, 1979

24. Carrie Fisher, 1977

25. Jodie Foster, 1984

Which photo is your favorite? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News


Love such old spontaneous photos of celebrities. They are so warm, and way better than posed photos for covers

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