25 Stirring Shots in “National Geographic” That Make Time Stop

4 years ago

National Geographic photographers have this amazing gift of taking pictures that make you stop everything you’re doing and stare at them in awe. They capture the most thrilling settings, making it seem like time stopped just for that picture to be possible, like the exact moment a dolphin breaks the surface of the water, or when a mother lioness grabs her cub with her mouth, or if a whale befriends a group of tourists.

Bright Side hand-picked some of the most stunning photos captured over the years and showcased them below for you to admire. And we bet they’ll make you want to take photography classes and start traveling the world.

1. 2 children playing — their difference in species isn’t important.

2. “I’m not touching you!”

3. A gray whale pushing a boat full of tourists

4. The tip of the iceberg — a playful whale meeting his new friends somewhere in the South Pacific

5. A fresh sprinkle of life

6. A mother lioness grabs her cub from its head to protect it from falling over a cliff.

7. “Come here, friend!”

8. Barracudas forming a vortex as defense against an intruder

9. An underwater view of winter in Lofoten, Norway

10. Looking into Earth’s beautiful blue eye

11. “There’s only room for one down here, buddy.”

12. “Beware of Crabzilla!”

13. A breathtaking lake in Mongolia known by locals as the “dark blue pearl” showing signs of climate change

14. A spectacular tail view of a commercial airplane

15. Something fishy is going on down here...

16. “Follow me, I know the way!”

17. A tiny island looks like it’s floating in the air.

18. A dolphin breaking the water’s surface

19. A baby orangutan taking cover under a leaf, patiently waiting for the rain to stop

20. — “Up high!”


— “Too slow!”

21. A real-life Bambi moment

22. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

23. Waiting for Harry Potter to finally read their letters

24. A photo you can hear and feel!

25. A tender moment between a woman and a chimp

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wow, these photos are so good. I wish more people got to see them!


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