25 Women Who Said, “Do Whatever You Want” to Their Hairdressers and Got Stunning Results

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3 years ago

Ask any woman who’s visited a good beauty salon and she’ll agree that a little makeup and a new hairdo are effective ways to lift one’s mood. While struggling through everyday hassles, we often forget about how beautiful we are. Oxana Trunova, a makeup artist and the creator of “Beauty Academy,” together with hairstylist Olga Tarasova, are modern fairies who help women become more confident. And they manage to eloquently convey each of their client’s stories and character traits.

These talented masters work on the “Blind Transformation” project where clients only see the final result. Teachers, medical workers, entrepreneurs, financial workers, and housekeepers are just some of these artists’ many clients. Bright Side invites you to have a look at how masterfully they make these transformations.

1. Natalia

“Natalia is a math teacher. Our task was to enhance her feminity and charm.”

2. Helen

“Helen is a shop director and a mother of an adult daughter.”

3. Natalia

“Natalia came to Surgut, Russia from the Tomsk region for her transformation.”

4. Ellie

“Ellie came in with the words: ’I don’t believe in what you are doing. It can’t be real! I’m a skeptic.’ Do you think that scared us? Of course not — it only challenged us. After seeing herself in the mirror, Ellie cried and so did we. It was very touching because she didn’t recognize herself.”

5. Helen

“I dreamt of becoming a postal worker as a child and I did it. I’m the head postal worker for the entire city.”

6. Liubov

“Liubov works as a nurse. Several months ago, bad news came her way and she almost gave up. But her son gave this makeover to her as a present to remind her how beautiful she is.”

7. Helen

“Here’s the new look these professionals gave Helen as a present from her son in law.”

8. Inna

“Inna is a businesswoman. She has dedicated many years to her work, having completely forgotten about herself in the process. We tried to remind her of how beautiful she is.”

9. Galina

“Galina came in and said, ’Do whatever you want. I want to be beautiful!’”

10. Stanislava

“Stanislava has a creative personality, she likes to draw, and is interested in animation. We wanted to let all the creativity hidden inside this beautiful woman show on the outside.”

11. Maria

“Maria decided to change many things in her life and she started with her look.”

12. Helen

“Helen has quite a difficult life. But she is sure that all these difficulties are in the past. The woman unearthed some new energy and decided to start loving herself.”

13. Natalia

“Natalia is an unusual woman with a low-pitch voice and a perfect sense of style. I can’t reveal her age but you’d be surprised at how good she looks.”

14. Valentina

“Valentina participated in our project after her kids gifted it to her. She is very modest and fragile. We wanted to make her look bright and make her chicer.”

15. Helen

“Helen celebrated her birthday in this look. She is a mother of 3 and is a very positive person.”

16. Natalia

“Natalia has been donning the same look for many years and was very scared of making changes.”

17. Oksana

“I was dreaming of taking part in this project for a long time and finally got enough courage for the changes.”

18. Svetlana

“Svetlana wanted drastic changes. I think we managed to do it.”

19. Irina

“Irina didn’t recognize herself with the new hairdo and makeup.”

20. Natalia

“We were getting this beautiful girl ready for her wedding 4 years ago. And only now did Natalia get brave enough to take part in the ’Blind Transformation’ project. She got tired of having long hair.”

21. Irina

“Irina has 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. One of them presented her with a certificate to visit professionals.”

22. Kristina

“She is a mother of 2 sons and is extremely creative at handicrafts. She knits wonderful hats for kids.”

23. Marianna

“She came in saying, ’I want something bright and creative.’ So we came up with this look.”

24. Liudmila

“Liudmila was scared she’d end up with black hair after the experiment.”

25. Inna

“Inna has been avoiding beauty salons for a long time. But she finally got brave enough to make a drastic change to her look and was excited to participate in the project.”

Oxana Trunova and Olga Tarasova

Hopefully, these photos motivate you to love and pamper yourself, and to be more open to change. Do you let your hairdresser experiment with your style?

Preview photo credit oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram


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I couldn't do this because I don't really trust my barber that much :/


I'm sure there are plenty of people who said this to their hair dresser but then ended up with something they didn't like or enjoyed at all :D


Beautiful, deserving ladies! They ALL have gorgeous eyes before the makeover, so I had no doubts they would still look so beautiful. I hope they had a good day being pampered and now all of us get to see that they all work hard and maybe learned a new makeup technique to really make their gorgeous eyes pop! Fun hairstyles too, something fresh and exciting- hope they love their new hair lengths!!


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