How Leonardo DiCaprio’s Comment on Kate Winslet’s Body Changed Her Life and Transformed Their Friendship

10 months ago

They are not a romantic couple, but their appearances together can send fans into a frenzy. The sweet, platonic relationship between actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet proves that enduring connections are indeed possible in Hollywood. But one interesting fact about their bond is that it was partly reinforced by a comment DiCaprio made about Winslet’s body during their Titanic days. And this powerful statement helped changed Winslet’s outlook on life.

We at Bright Side believe that everyone can learn something from DiCaprio’s remark, so read on to find out what it was and how it affected Winslet’s body perspective.

Kate Winslet previously opened up about being bullied because of her weight.

Even the beautiful, talented, and multi-award-winning actress found herself being picked on just because she didn’t fit into society’s standards of the “perfect body.” When she was younger, she was locked in cupboards and teased about her passion for acting, with bullies telling her that she would only get the “fat girl” parts.

At 19 years old, she also became a victim of tabloid cruelty. She shared how newspapers would comment about her size, make estimates of how much she weighed, and report on the supposed diet she was on.

These unsolicited comments about her physique took a toll on her confidence.

Winslet admitted that the physical scrutiny had an impact on how she viewed herself and what her impression of “beautiful” was. For a time, the actress felt like she was alone and worried about how people in Hollywood would see her.

While filming Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio said something about her body that stuck with her.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Winslet recalled that out of the blue, DiCaprio told her, “It’s really important that you are the shape that you are.” When she asked him what he meant by that, he said there are many women who believe that the only way to be successful, loved, and considered beautiful is to be skinny.

This statement struck a chord with Winslet, who realized that he was right. Back in the 1990s, campaigns for body positivity were not as popular, and the message being sent to teenage girls is that being thin was the only choice.

Their conversation empowered Winslet to become an icon of body positivity.

She told Oprah that her Academy Award nomination for her performance in Titanic made her realize that she can achieve great things as an actress without being skinny or starving herself. Her campaign for body positivity strengthened after she became a mother since she didn’t want her daughter to suffer from this internal battle.

She feels that times have changed, especially with the #MeToo movement, and women are less afraid to speak up now. Winslet also believes that aging should not be viewed as a bad thing, and to walk the talk, she asked a cosmetics company not to perform any additional editing to her photos.

The honesty and support that DiCaprio and Winslet provide each other have made them the ultimate #FriendshipGoals.

Winslet was quoted describing her leading man as a “solid, loyal person.” And we’re inclined to agree since DiCaprio had her best interest in mind when he spoke those life-changing words to her. Their friendship has spanned more than 2 decades, and their sweet bond is highlighted every time they walk together on the red carpet during award season.

DiCaprio was reportedly present at Winslet’s private third wedding — not as a groom though, but as the man who walked her down the aisle (awww). Winslet also revealed that she cried when they recently met after 3 years of not seeing each other, which just proves that near, far, or wherever they are (no pun intended), they will continue to love each other as friends.

Are you also a fan of the Leo-Kate tandem? What are your thoughts about DiCaprio’s comment on Winslet’s body? What other beauty standards do you think should be changed or discussed more openly?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s profound comment on Kate Winslet’s body during the filming of “Titanic” had a lasting impact on their friendship. DiCaprio’s words, emphasizing the importance of Winslet’s natural shape, resonated deeply with her, challenging societal pressures of the ’90s that equated thinness with success and beauty. This exchange bolstered Winslet’s commitment to body positivity, a stance she has championed throughout her career. Their enduring bond, spanning over two decades, exemplifies the strength of their platonic relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey to stardom is a testament to perseverance and passion. From an early age, he exhibited a natural flair for acting, but faced numerous rejections, including suggestions to change his name for broader appeal. Despite these challenges, DiCaprio’s determination, fueled by a desire to support his mother and encouragement from his father, led him to diverse roles that honed his craft. Today, he stands as one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors. Yet, amidst his success, DiCaprio has grappled with the balance between his career and personal aspirations, including the contemplation of starting a family.

Leonardo DiCaprio, a household name, has many lesser-known facets to his life. Named after the Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci, he faced early career challenges due to his unique name. DiCaprio has battled Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, demonstrating resilience by not letting it dominate his life. His environmental commitment is evident in his purchase of an island intended for an eco-friendly resort. Additionally, his philanthropic side shines through in his adoption support for a South African girl and assistance to the last living Titanic survivor. Despite his global fame, these anecdotes reveal a multi-dimensional individual.


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It was kind and true to say what he said. But it probably didn't have anything to do with their future friendship.


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