26 Incorrigible Romantics Who Took Flirting to a Whole New Level

2 years ago

Not all of us are experts when it comes to romance. And sometimes your attempts to get a guy or girls’ attention can be so epic, the stories may actually make it all the way down to your grandchildren.

Bright Side has collected 26 hilarious examples of how flirting can turn from romantic to hilarious. Stay tuned until the the end of the article and see the amazing bonus picture that proves real romance still exists in this world.

“This is why I’m single.”

Flirting expert — Level 80.

When you’re just learning the art of the compliment.

When you want to start communication from scratch.

Romance even years later.

Trying your hardest to to compliment.

When you’re willing to do anything for your girl.

When your girlfriend has a new highlighter and you’re ready for it.

He put these cows in the shape of a heart to send to his girlfriend.

Relationships in the 21st century.

“A guy in the club gave me this card with the words, ’Call me’. He seems to be living in 3018.”

Romantic taxi.

“A baby-sitter is required. The baby is 28 years old.”

This guy removed about 200 people from the classmates’ chat room to write this.

This guy has put big hopes on this single rose.

No doubts!

A happy meal, indeed.

“I hate chocolate. So my boyfriend cooked my favorite food and designed it this way.”

That’s how autocorrect behaves when I am communicating with girls.

When your approach to creating a profile on a matchmaking site is extremely original.

Your time has come.

Plans for the evening.

Pick-up from the barista.

Every Friday he meets his girlfriend at the airport with new original inscriptions on the board.

Something went wrong.

And here is the promised bonus image, proving that real romance still exists:

“Every single day for the past 25 years, my grandpa has been drawing a heart in the sand in front of my grandma’s window.”

What are you funny or cute flirting stories? Please share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit aranjevi/imgur


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