27 Amazing Inventions That Can Solve Your Bathroom Woes

4 years ago

The bathroom is a special place in our house. It’s where we enjoy a shower and relax in the bath. Sometimes we even sing here. And we also love buying unusual things for our bathrooms.

The Bright Side team is happy to remind you that the 21st century is full of different inventions and you will definitely find some things that you have dreamed of in this compilation.

This faucet changes color depending on how clean your hands are.

Mirror cleaner


Faucet extender for children

Rabbit dispenser

Personal starry sky

Hair trap

A way to relax in the bathroom

A portable jacuzzi

A plug

Romantic waterproof candles

Holder and pusher

These pebbles will keep the water warm.

Special indicator showing the temperature of the water

Water deflector

A toothbrush that turns into a fountain

Towel dryer

Hammock bathtub

Waterproof notepad

Towel heater

Here’s your tissue!

Robot-cleaner for the bathroom

Hairdryer holder

Portable bathtub

Devices for washing children

A universal brush

Shower radio

Have you found anything you would like to get?

Preview photo credit yankodesign


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