10 Genius Inventions That Should Already Exist Everywhere

10 months ago

Inventions pop up every day on Kickstarter and all over the world, and some of these inventions are true lifesavers. An automatic pizza machine or magnetic seasoning bottles — take your pick!

Bright Side has selected for you a list of inventions from all corners of the world to show how complicated things can be done easily and for pure amusement. What do you think of that singing shower?

1. Door pull

2. A USB port in a bus

3. “This middle school has a skateboard locker.”

4. “My shopping bag has a printed holiday pattern so it can be reused as wrapping paper”

5. “Came across this pizza vending machine: fresh pizza, ready in 3 minutes.”

6. “The seasoning that my mother sent me are magnetic”

7. “Denmark is repurposing discarded wind turbine blades as bike shelters”

8. This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product’s labels.

9. “When safety and style come together fabulously”

10. “Appropriate soap for before or after you eat.”


And here is a little kitchen tip for lovers of an easy life that you can implement right away. Sharpen all of your kitchen spatulas for easy and effective use. Never ruin a pancake again!

Which of these heaven-sent things would you like to have in your home? Please share with us — your opinion really matters.

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit, unknown/imgur


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